Lux International Sales ApS.

Lux International Sales ApS. Scam or Legit? Check Lux International Sales ApS. Reviews below.
Spencer –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

All I did was go on the web site to see how much it cost. There was not a lot of info on delivery charges so I put in my name and address to see what the cost would be and thought better of it and deleted it.

Today a package showed up. I opened it and its this Blackhead Killer I never ordered. On top of this, there is no phone number to call and the return address is Denmark. Speaking to another lady she tells me she did the same thing to find out how much but never purchased the product and it showed up at her door as well. They now have her up to $49 and are threatening to take her to collections. We are not the only 2 this has happened to. The product according to what is said on the Facebook page, is junk and doesn’t work. I never purchase anything on the internet without paying up front. This is a scam and I am not going to pay this ransom to them but I would return it to Denmark.

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