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Jenny –

Victim Location 93620

Type of a scam Employment

Employment scammers are out there. I was first contacted about 2 days ago it was a text message from 19719990206 from a Theresa Cooper she stated my resume published on Caljobs was reviewed and that they were interested in giving me a job in one of their available positions she said it would be $19 p/hour pre-training that would cost me $150.00 and afterward $45 p/hour that was a RED FLAG I was not experienced and even if I was that is too much money. I still decided to continue responding… then I was given the email to the HR Supervisor all Skype contact [email protected] name *** *** she then asked a few general questions like have I worked from home before, are you currently employed, do you prefer to work in team or indep.,how your handle stress and pressure,, bank name, and others then she said I think you’re the right fit for the job, RED FLAG that was it I was hired. Before the questions she explained that the company was to help those with diabetes and that I would be in Administration from home the company would send me a check to my home address to buy needed equipment to create a mini office at home RED FLAG who sends a check without liability that they won’t be loosing it I can take the check and quit. Then I did more research as I had time in hand Caljobs requires job/order number from companies reviewing their published resumes so I asked for it to the txt number and there was no response although they had just messaged me within the last minute . Then I decided to continue messaging Mrs. Thelfer on Skype and she gave me a tracking number with delivery of check for today and after asking her about the Caljobs job number he said to stay online and she would be getting it from the personel office she later messaged that there was technical difficulties with FedEx and that it would be redelivered tomorrow for Saturday delivery I then felt like I was tired of the B.S. let her know I knew it was a scam of course they denied it so then I told her to send me the Caljobs number I’d been requesting or the tax id number and there has been no response. These scammers sent a job acceptance letter and W-4 to try and get some information they looked really legit but something told me different and gladly they never received my SS or W-4. ASK FOR TAX ID NUMBER when you feel like it my be a scam employment it works wonders! Thank You for reading and I hope this helps as was very helpful to me! Thank You BBB!

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