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Shaun –

Victim Location 73505

Total money lost $89.92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 22 Jan 17 I typed in the address on my Cracker Barrel receipt to sign up for a chance to win a rocking chair. I was taken to a site where there was offered some garcinia cambogia for only $4.99. I figured if it was associated with Cracker Barrel it must be legit and $5 was not much so I figured I’d try it. I got the bottle about a week later. Then yesterday or today I was checking my credit card account online and found that I had been charged $89.92 on 5 Feb. I called the 1-800 number listed. After about a ten minute wait a man answered. I explained. He said that the $4.99 was only for a 14-day trial and that at the end of the 14 days I was to be charged the full amount. I told him I did not sign up for that. He said it was on the site. I said I don’t want the stuff. He went off for a bit and when he returned he said he had been given authority to let me keep when was already sent for just another $19.99. I told him No. I don’t want the stuff. I want my $89.92 reversed. He went away a while then came back and provided me an RMA number and a cancellation number. He said they would credit my account 7-10 days after the receive the product back. I will try to send it and see what happens, but it should not have happened at all.

I did a Google search of the address listed to return the item. It is the Hilldale Post Office in Tampa, FL.

I did a Google search of what was listed as the business address. It is a law firm in Buffalo, WY. 307-684-9595.

I looked up the phone number of the law firm and called them. The lady said they were "registered agents" for many companies. I asked about Luxury Skin, LLC and she suggested I’d need to talk to Northwest Registered Agents, 509-768-2249, which I found out is in Spokane, WA. I did not call them.

I called Cracker Barrel Customer Relations to report it. They said they had not had similar reports and suggested I get a "pop-up blocker" on my computer.

I also called my credit card company to dispute the charge. The person I spoke to had had the same thing happen to him. He even knew the 1-800 number without me having to tell him.

I have noted that there are numerous complaint regarding business using various names selling various products from this same post office in Tampa.

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