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Michele –

Victim Location 22401

Type of a scam Tech Support

Company hacked into my computer; when I turned the computer on there was a lot blaring message that I had to call a company affiliated with Microsoft because my computer had been infected with a worm. II was unable to turn off the blaring message or use my applications. I called the number and they said they were affiliated with Microsoft and had evidence that my computer was repeatedly invaded. By accessing my computer remotely they purported to show me numerous "problem areas." They said the only way I could fix it was to purchase this new software which would make my computer like new. when I said I would think about it they said that I would not be able to access my computer until I had the new software. I relented and paid $499.00 from my credit card. After that I was able to enter my computer programs and found NO evidence that there had been a virus or worm. Since this was clearly scam and a fraud, I called my bank and had them revoke the charge and cancel my credit card. They did so. I deleted any application LV & conpany had installed on my computer. I made a complaint with the FBI, FTC, and ici3.

Now they are robo-calling my telling me that a device they installed showed that my security had been breached. I do not answer the calls. I have a new security program against viruses, worms, malware etc.

Others should be warned about the hacking and fraud perpetuated by this company

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