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Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed that they found me on career builder and said the following. I think this is weird because of what they ask for at the end of email.We saw your resume on the Career Builder service.

Our enterprise want to offer you a staggered schedule vacancy in our rapidly expanding organization.

Job Indentification: JD14394 ( misspelled word identification )

Payment: $3,000.00 per month

Job title: Staffing Manager

Job grade: part-time

Work area: all states, U.S.

Primary functions of the Staffing Manager:

* analyzing packages, scanning labels and packing slips, verifying information and sorting the parcels accordingly

* performing other duties as assigned

* processing shipments, packing and sending orders as instructed by supervisor

Required skills and abilities:

* communication and interpersonal skills

* ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment

* ability to understand and abide the instructions regarding work duties and packing methods

* ability to distinguish information in order to sort and update the packages correctly

Daily activities consist of helping with different logistics operations and performing other associated tasks, such as receiving, sending, handling and tracking parcels, assisting with transportation and distribution procedures.

Staffing Manager are:

* at least 18 years old

* eligible for health insurance benefits as well as vacation and holiday compensation upon completing the specified phase

* eligible for pay increases in the first six months of employment

* able to participate in the companys tuition assistance program

Minimum education: None

Relevant experience: Not required

If you are interested, do not hesitate to email us back at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your interest in the position of the GIFTS WRAPPER at "Lynch & Carr Printing Service" LLC. We decided you are an excellent candidate for this position.

"Lynch & Carr Printing Service" LLC ( ) is one of the leading businesses in the field of digital printing. We produce advertising printing, office printing, business cards and most importantly – branded wrapping paper. For many years our designers have been working on the new ideas for digital printing. In order to advance our wrapping paper, our company has opened GIFTS WRAPPER position, which provides the services of international purchase assistance and mail/package forwarding using our wrapping paper.

Position Descriptions here:

The trial period for this position lasts 21 business days, during which you will have "round-the-clock" phone and online support. A supervisor conducts an evaluation of candidates on the 3rd week of the trial period. You will be informed about the final decision at the end of the trial period.

You will receive your first salary after the trial period via payment methods like wire transfer, direct deposit, check, PayPal or even MoneyGram or Western Union transfer, depending on which form of payment is the most convenient for you. The average salary is $3,000 ($1,500 guaranteed and $30-$50 bonus for each item processed). You will be paid (including expenses like gas or packing reimbursement) every 30 days on the date the Contract was resigned.

Upon completion of hiring, our company offers you a personal account on our site. By using a personal account, you will be able to communicate daily with our supervisors. At the time get all answers to your questions. Obtain complete information on your daily working time.The Personal account is user-friendly and can be used from any devices, including mobile phone, tablet, and personal computers. You will be able to perform the job while you at home, doing shopping words of spending time with your family. All you need to have is your smartphone and access to the Internet.

To apply, please reply to this email with the following details:

1 First name, Last name

2 Address, city, state

3 Cell phone

4 Home phone

5 Are you already employed?

and we will contact you for the interview to start the trial period.

(!please note: message without the complete information might not be accepted by our HR department)

Thank you very much for you interested towards the position.

Kind regards,

Robert Miller

Toll Free: (877) 860-2717

Fax: (888) 813-2009

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