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Savannah – Mar 01, 2021


Jesse – Mar 01, 2021

Ms. Maxine Dunn treated me very good. I applied to lease her property on Common St in Lake Charles. She explained every thing to me. I signed 2 papers giving her permission to verify my application and charge me $150/applicant for processing fees. She denied my application and returned my deposit due me by check within 3 days of denial. I wasn’t upset for I knew my credit was bad with many accounts in collection. People who complain are mad because they had bad histories as well and didn’t want to pay for her time researching and verifying their applications. Shame on them for filing bogus complaints!

Maria – Mar 01, 2021

Scammer’s phone 337-794-6515

Scammer’s address LAKE CHARLES, LA

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Not applicable

MAXINE DUNN performs online and in person character references and background checks. Ms. Dunn does not scam anyone. She returns the deposit due all applicants in a timely manner and followers her contracts to the letter. She is strict and many applicants are denied due to being poor tenants in the past, not paying their bills timely or having poor credit histories and background checks that the applicants approve of by signing 2 separate documents giving her permission to research and access for leasing her properties. MAXINE DUNN IS PROFESSIONAL AND COURTEOUS TO ALL THAT APPLY. NO SCAM JUST DISGRUNTLED APPLICANTS THAT GOT DENIED FOR THEIR OWN POOR HISTORIES.

Jillian – Mar 01, 2021

Maxine Dunn is a professional real estate manager and treats her applicants fairly, courteously and returns all deposits due them in a timely fashion. Applicants get denied primarily because they don’t pay their bills, have very poor credit histories or have poor background checks.

David –

Victim Location 70607

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Rental

Looking to move into a house so I went on craigslist in Lake Charles, La there is a house on this site 3 bedroom/2 bath pink and blue house. The names to contact on the website are Mr. or Ms. Wallace, an email, and also a phone number. I contacted who I thought was Ms. Wallace we agreed to meet at the property at 11:00 am that same day, I looked around, told her my boyfriend and I liked it very much. She then told me she would need $350 that day. When I asked her what it was for she told me it was towards the move in cost, but if my application was denied i would receive a refund. I filled out the application while she filled out a receipt for my $350. She told us to take pictures of everything for our own records, during all this a man came and picked up the money. We shook hands and she informed me that I would be hearing from her by 6:00 pm to know if we got approved. At 5:30 that evening I received a text saying our application was denied and my refund due me and the reason why we were denied would be mailed to my address and would arrive by Wednesday. On Wednesday I got an envelope that was confusing because the return name on the envelope was not the same name as the name on Craigslist the lady I thought I gave my money to was Ms. Wallace the name on the envelope was Ms.Maxine Dunn. I opened it to find a check for 50$ from an woman that I had never heard of and a letter telling me in bold print to remember she stated I would get the refund due me and she never said I would get the full amount. Well I knew that when I read the receipt at the house it said our application fee was 150 per person which isn’t strange I did wonder about the extra 50 dollars but it also said I would get a refund minus any fees used to help process my application and I assumed like everyone else I have applied with and like she told me herself, if I was approved the balance minus the fees used would go towards my deposit to move in. All I see that this lady did was try to pull my credit report online it was 5 hrs in between us meeting and her denying my application, I don’t see how she used 300 in fees to process my application. I don’t see how this is legal…I have a receipt and as far as I know you can charge an application fee but if its rejected you must refund what you didn’t use. I have never heard of a person or place that keeps the entire app fee if its more than 50 dollars without telling you what they spent the money on. How can this woman keep my money and say I’m only due 50 dollars and show me no kind of proof of fees used or reason why. Telling me that the application fee is 150 a piece is not saying why she kept the whole thing and spent none of it on my actually processing my application.

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