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Leslie – Mar 01, 2021

Victim Location 05461

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email that McAfee was due to expire. So I clicked on to renew it. I put my name, email, landline phone # & credit card in. I was given a confirmation #CS2693973096 & serial #W74EKXAE9YLEL8M. I was given a selection to download so chose it. Nothing happened. I then called a friend who has computer/technology education. She checked it out. Saw nothing was on my iPad. Asked why I thought I would need this on my iPad. Made sure my wifi security was ok because it showed it was weak. Clicked onto the sender’s email & showed me it was a scam. The email shown shown there was [email protected] Price for 2 years was $69.99. I called my credit card co to request a stop payment. I was told it hadn’t been processed yet & couldn’t stop payment until it was processed. She gave me a phone #(866)622-3911 for me to call them to cancel the sale. Stupid me should have known better but I called. They had me verify my email address, phone # & my name. I then hung up. The person I spoke to called himself JR. there was an email sent to me stating it had been cancelled. They gave me a case#25206888. The email address was [email protected] Http:// The charge on my credit card ended up being $74.90. It was cancelled. I also cancelled my credit card.

Brian –

Victim Location 19802

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Phishing

This website is using McAfee trademark, logos and pretending to be McAfee. The seem to be scammers. It all started when i was trying to activate my McAfee Antivirus and i don’t know how but i landed on to this website, and they just took over my computer while i was chatting with them on their website. After this they started to threaten me to pay money or else they shall not loose the access to my computer.

I feel so scared and i want to report them.

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