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Gabriel –

Victim Location 80733

Total money lost $349

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer disclosed a message regarding a detection of pornographic material that was on my computer and to call microsoft at the number provided. I did so and was totally assured that it was from microsoft. They informed me that the security system provided by microsoft was not strong enough to rid this so they would have to take control of my computer and get rid of the issue. Having believed them they did and charged me 349.00 for their continued service for 3 years. I have family working at microsoft and the next day I talked to the family member and they informed me that this was a total scam. I would like to know what to do to help put these people to end this I am elderely and was totally trusting.

Jacob –

Victim Location 40509

Type of a scam Tech Support

Alarm alert on computer loud annoucement dont hang up your computer is at risk if you ignore this message your computer will not work,the the tech comes on line saying they are fixing your computer starting with your firewll. and do you pay for virus protection at the end of process they ask for a fee to pay for their assitance. They also are scanning your computer. DONT PAY THEM NOTHING. days later they call my phone and left message to contact them.# 888-416-1877. I didnt return call.

Janet –

Victim Location 75941

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received several phone calls saying that they had put a program on my computer that affects my IT address, not just my computer. That they have uncovered a security breach on my IT address and I need to call 844-7-9486 so they can help me. They have tirelessly called me on home phone and cell phone almost every day, and they are extremely persistent if you talk to them when they call. I am not sure what to do, I do have McAfee on my computer, but they said that did not matter. 

Felicia –

Victim Location 46582

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was told my computer was infected with 783 items. Proceeded to tell me they could fix it. When I asked the amount they told me they could take care of it since it was my Microsoft. He proceeded to check it out. Then told me for $39.99 they could fix it all. I told him I wasn’t paying anything. Robert Jacobs was who I supposedly was talking to. But I had another person who I couldn’t understand very well. I hung up, Robert asked me why I hung up. Then he said for $5.00 for the first month I could try the protection, if I didn’t like it. I could cancel. I told him no. Then I told him we were thru I had to go. He said he would call back later. I told him I wouldn’t be home. Today they tried to contact me again I told them I wasn’t able to talk. He gave me a job I’d msc 7059 and his number cls1d888dca60fcod11cf8fofooco4fd7d062.

Mathew –

Victim Location 23513

Type of a scam Tech Support

Consumer received a recorded message from a phone tech support company stating that the consumer’s computer has been infected by a virus and to call Microsoft Tech at 855-637-1144. Consumer knew this was a scam because their computer is already protected from viruses using advanced software.

Michael –

Victim Location 35115

Type of a scam Tech Support

ALERT! YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED appeared on my computer with a audio message to CALL IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT TURN OFF COMPUTER.

I called. A foreign lady explained that my computer had been compromised. She ask that I enter information on my computer allowing her to gain access and show me the activity. She said that she would have to forward me to a technician that would "clean up" the malware. I questioned if there would be a charge. She said she did not charge but the technician would require a fee. I declined and politely terminated the call.

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 61615

Type of a scam Tech Support

A box popped up on our computer with a phone number. My wife called it and the man stated he was a Microsoft technician (Andy Crayton) and our computer was on the cusp of defaulting all of our files. We were on the phone for over 45 minutes. He said he could save our computer for $69.95. We didn’t believe him and a family member said we shouldn’t have called. He didn’t get any of our money and our computer was taken care of.

Carmen –

Victim Location 33950

Type of a scam Tech Support

contacted by phone 844-711-3511 , claiming to be Microsoft help tech. Told me I had error messages on windows 10

that needed to be addressed. Tried to get in my computer and my head. Hung up

Kristi –

Victim Location 06460

Type of a scam Tech Support

some guy calls & claims to be from MicroSoft tech —telling me my PC at risk —-has an active virus —Indian/Asian accent —

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