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Larry – Feb 28, 2021

Took the NHE fitness nutritionist program in Phoenix. Trainers confess to the difficulty of the NHE master trainer exam but that exam is not as challenging as their fitness nutrition exit exam. It’s a six hour nightmare. The materials NHE provided along with my previous training was enough to pass on the first administration.

The NHE program covers everything from metabolic disorders to anthropometric assessments which is why the credential has more credibility amongst those of us who actually specialize in this field of study and application. I’ve been studying nutrition for over 20 years and was happy with the program as a whole. The study guide is unparalleled in terms of the technology and the format they use. It’s simply a very comprehensive nutrition program. I would recommend it to anyone who could afford it and who lives in a state that allows nutritional consultation without a state licenses (many states do not). I believe NHE has other nutritional programs that are on a collegiate level for states like California and New York which are more strict when it comes to practicing nutrition.

Many times I’ve considered going for the NHE master trainer certification too but I have a CSCS which opens any door I need opened for my other field of practice which is wellness management/consultation. I was hoping to see a much more significant turn around in the personal training and wellness management fields this year but outside of a few extra clients from New Years resolutions and Holiday certificates, not much improvement to boast about.

Theresa – Feb 25, 2021

I notice that a HUGE majority of comments online are positive regarding NHE. I wonder about the negative comments. Why would those of us involved in this industry since the grassroots movement began via Dr. Cooper (the inventor of Aerobics), want to deliberately lead another astray? Aren’t we all in this for the same reason? To help others who are not educated or experienced live a healthier, more fulfilling life? Seems to me that some of you are threatened by someone else’s success…I’d like to be paid what I am worth for a chance…$10/hour for a class, 13 times a week is not a livable income by any means…I charged $40/hour for consultations, back in ’87-’89 in addition to teaching 13 classes/week, but I am in NC, where the pay is less than realistic. If you live in CA or NYC, you are most likely already getting what you deserve. I have a Bachelor’s Degree, PLUS my certifications, PLUS personal experience as a triathlete, biathlete, runner for over 40, and dancer since I was 4. I deserve more income that what I’ve been able to get, and more respect for my knowledge and experience. NHE seems to get that, and I don’t see any hint of scam at all.

Natalie – Apr 05, 2020

Victim Location 91801

Total money lost $290

Type of a scam Employment

National Health Educators schemed me by disguising themselves as a legitimate online business. I have now found out that many people have reported them. They began by having me answer a series of questions via email. I got no response to any of them, just more questions. No phone calls took place whatsoever and if you ask "HR" a question, they give no answer and respond rudely. Every time I tried to call it just rang endlessly, no one ever picks up the phone nor is there anywhere to leave a voicemail. I feel foolish for falling for this. I never once spoke to a live person, only email from their HR person going by the name of Katherine Ambrose, if that is even a real person. They then proceeded to tell me I need to buy a study guide for the personal trainer or MCT exam in order to qualify for a job which is non-refundable. They also say the exam would be free with purchase of study guide for job applicants. They said everything on the study guide would be on the exam and their would be little to no chance of passing without it. The study guide was almost 300 dollars. I regrettably agreed and studied my butt off. They sent the exam on exam day and almost NONE of the study guide was on the exam and there was no grade response or any response aside from a generic email from the company. I never received a score and never received any follow up of any kind. This is a master scam that needs to be dealt with with and people need to be aware of it so they do not get screwed as I have which is why I’m submitting this claim.

Todd –

Victim Location 80104

Total money lost $190

Type of a scam Employment

I did my research online before trying to pursue work with this company — and, I will admit, when I saw negative comments I always thought "Well maybe they didn’t try hard enough," or "They weren’t a good fit". After my experiences, I know this is false.

I have been contacted by NHE several times over the last three years for different positions — all of them very lucrative and remote. What a dream, right? They looked strict and professional, and it was good to see that they were looking for high quality candidates (such as myself). Back in May of this year I went ahead and scheduled my MTC exam — their master trainer exam that is required for EVERY job that they possess. Sure, that sounds fine, that makes sense.


I have a BS in Exercise Science and a Masters in Sports from a big ten college. I have half a dozen certifications (such as biomechanics specialist, etc.)…I figured this would be easy to take the exam, but I still did all the studying I could without knowing what I was looking for. I didn’t want to purchase the study guide at the time and I wanted to see what I was capable of.

Let’s talk about the process… first, you have to schedule a date. There is no email confirmation, so write this down. You are then required to send a signed form stating you know you won’t get repaid specific fees if they apply, etc. and this has to be done within three business days. For the day of the exam, you have to make sure to send an "exam readiness email" at a certain time in the morning, by which you will receive a bunch of crazy links to your test. You get three hours to take the exam, but you have to keep your own timer. As the exam pages go on, it becomes more and more stressful and they save the craziest, most difficult questions for the end while you are clearly running out of time. They have the audacity to ask if you took a break, and for how long, at the every end. IF you somehow succeeded in all their protocols, and passed the test itself, you will get an ‘authorized’ email.

Does anyone get this email? Like, actually, LEGIT get this email? I don’t believe people on the internet saying they do — I want to see screenshots.

If you get ‘unauthorized,’ they give you a laundry list of reasons why but also state they have no reason to tell you why you were denied. It could be you went three seconds over your time, or you cheated, or you didn’t send the appropriate email in the morning… who knows. So I received an ‘unauthorized’ email and gave up, thinking I must have done terribly on the exam despite how much I prepared.

I did get contacted by HR in the months following, but no one answers the phone and no one calls you back (i left several messages after a text told me to call; no one ever responded). Let’s fast forward several months, and someone from HR reached out to me and said there were new positions available. Great, I thought, they must really want me! I went through the initial review by sending in a work sample. Then I was told I had to take the MTC Test again. I inquired on my previous test, and they told me that because they didn’t receive a specific signed form, my exam was never graded. What? How could this be? I had email proof that I had sent it — I tried talking to them, I forwarded the original email to the inbox (you receive no confirmations of receipt, by the way), and the HR rep refused to discuss it further. I was heartbroken because they didn’t even grade my first exam, and it was clearly their mistake of not processing my form, right?

Anyway, I sucked it up and purchased the study guide because you get a ‘free’ retake. They only allow one free test. You can buy the test outright, but for $175 vs $190, why not get the study guide? So I scheduled my retake, making sure to follow every single thing they had you do, because this process was different: there were TWO forms to sign, a special link to go through to register (which had previous outdated test dates on it), and you do not send a readiness email in the morning — you are supposed to receive your links between 6:30a-6:45a. In the event you do not receive your links, you must request before 6:50a, meaning you have a four minute window to ask for your exam. That happened to me, and I did, and I was able to get my exam links. Went through the crazy test again, feeling more prepared, but still rushed at the end.

I don’t care who you are, how quickly you type, how intelligent you are…there is no way to take the exam and give every question a full answer. I left very few blank, but as the time drew nearer I was more worried about being too close to the three-hour-mark. Answers were more rushed. I was worried about seeing that UNAUTHORIZED email in my box the next week due to something so technically stupid.

And guess what happened? UNAUTHORIZED. After a week of waiting. HR had meanwhile scheduled our introductory meeting (however not a time, just a date) and assured me that if I didn’t pass the meeting would automatically be cancelled. The HR rep that was so quick to communicate with me over the last few weeks didn’t even respond to my last inquiry — all I wanted to know was what happened, since I didn’t receive my links, I thought maybe because I had used a different email address (possibly prompting an ‘unauthorized retake’, as one of their reasons?)… but he stayed silent. He could have said anything, even ‘sorry about your luck,’ but he does not exist. I do not think any of these people exist.

Why are there only three people listed on LinkedIn, and none of them names you see on the actual website? Wouldn’t you be PROUD to work for a company that paid you 60-90k? I would be telling EVERYONE I passed this crazy obscene test!

Why isn’t it a scam, technically? Because they gave you the study guide. That’s what you bought. By the time you get so desperate that you’ve used up your ‘free’ chance, then you pay for the study guide for the ‘free’ retake, I doubt anyone else would pay to take the exam outright. . . and even then, with not telling you why you failed, they can claim you cheated or any other reason. It’s set up for failure. I bet you that each website never submits your information and all of your hard work disappears on the internet forever, but you think you did a great job.

The entire process makes you feel stupid, rushed, stressed… I lost so much hair studying and waiting for the results. They reached out to me, I thought…"they want me!"

And if you think it’s silly that they would go through all of this ‘work’ just to get $200-300 ($300 for the PREMIUM version of the study guide that ‘only includes test material’) from one person, think of all the people that are doing this. They have automated bots searching resumes online to text you. They have bots in HR responding (or lack thereof) to your emails. No one answers the phone in the office. There are too many typos with dates for this to be a professional company — for my ‘unauthorized email’ I received back in May, it said it was the graded results for tests taken April 5th-6th; but I took my exam in May. This may seem little, but if they are this stringent, don’t you think this would not be an oversight?

This could be two people running a crummy, outdated website and making bank on desperate searchers thinking they have found their golden ticket – that they will be finally rewarded for their intelligence and hard work!

All the comments I’ve read online about the test being impossible to finish, for the most part, and every way they make you feel small… all part of a mind game to make you want to gain acceptance.

As someone else had said — ‘think about it, why are all these people with Masters degrees not able to pass?’.

This is not the equivalent of the ‘BAR’ exam. This is not more difficult than our four, six, eight year degrees.

This was always a joke. There were never any jobs. This is all a very dramatic ploy to demean people who are in vulnerable situations into thinking they can have all of their problems solved by getting these great jobs.

WHAT kind of HR department says you have the job, pending an exam, without ever speaking to you on the phone? For 60+K salary?

WHAT kind of HR department doesn’t tell you why you did or did not pass, and ignores information you provide when there is obviously an issue?

WHAT kind of job exists that has a 1-business day turnover, promising you will be paid fairly soon?

No HR department. NO job. Manipulation is the key to their scheme and all you do is walk away feeling defeated, even if you are obviously intelligent enough to pass.

The guise of "you paid for a study guide, there is no fraud" HAS TO END! You promised JOBS that are not real!

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