Numerato Frenchies

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Natalie – Oct 06, 2020

Victim Location 06040

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Its been a year now since I lost my dog a I feel like there was something missing. And I always wanted a french bulldog. So I want on Google. Searching for a french bulldog, came across this website. Calls Numerato Frenchies! Send them an email saying that I was interested on 1 of there puppy and a few seconds later I get a text message from a breeder! We want back and forth foe 2 days. Get talk in to trustin them. Send the $400 though cashapp. Frist time it didn’t go through. The guy end up calling me asking me if I can send the money to his wife cashapp. So hw can process thec paperwork! I said okay. Then he said once I receive the puppy to send him rest of the amount which was another 450. Send the money. A few hours later I receive an spam email about the puppy was drop off at the airport and they can’t ship the dog out with out the right cage. I can buy 1 or rent it for an extra cost of 1,0000. I screenshot it and send it to him ask I can’t afford that. He calls me back to talk me in on doings it I said no. And told him to pick up the dog from the airport and send me my money back. All he say for me to be patient. I said this don’t feel right. Please send money back and never heard back from them again. I try to cancel payments from cashapp an they block me. I send everything to have proof!

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