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Todd – Feb 24, 2021

Victim Location 70452

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email from this company that showed up in my SPAM folder. I normally do not open my SPAM email but this one had "Confirmation # 1387643ASDG7259420 as the subject. The email stated:

"Thank you for upgrading to Firewall Pro. Your account has been charged with $423.00 for 5 years. The charges will reflect within 24 hours to your next financial cycle…." and a phone number was given to call for any "query or assistance". When I called the phone number the man told me the charge will be made to my checking account but would not tell me the name of the bank or the account number. He said the only way to cancel the order was to connect to his server and pull up a copy of the cancellation form. I knew this was his way of getting my information so I told him I was not going to do this. I notified my bank and reported the scam to their fraud department.

Julie –

Victim Location 56007

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

PC Booster. A man called me. Told me he is with PC Booster. Had to get in my computer said. Microsoft shut me down. So had me go to my bank accounts. Said they were giving me a refund. Showed it to me. But I had to go get 8 I tune cards for 100 each. So they could get my computer fixed. This is a remote access to your computer. Don’t do it! They are scammers. I called PC Booster and they said a Scam! I did not send any cards. Hang up! It comes in as a unknown number or caller ID unavailable!

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