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Shane – Feb 18, 2021

Victim Location 34491

Type of a scam Phishing

i get this email from them saying my bank account has been charged 499.00 for a service on my pc that just expired. It said call to get a refund. So I called the number and the man very rude Indian accent man directs me to the web page and wants me to download the product. I said I don’t want the product he says this is only how you get you refund. I said I’m not downloading something I don’t want. He hangs up on me, so I call back get the same person. I ask him him which bank account he charged 499.00 to and what the charge name is. He says I cannot tell you over phone I am not authorized. He said you have to go thru these steps I am taking you through to get your refund (downloading the product) I said I want to speak to some one who is authorized, he gives me a hard time keeps talking over me. Finally he says hold on hold on I get someone (Indian descent) comes back the same man talking in a deep voice. I called him out. He says you’re not nice lady and tries telling me how my phone manners should be!!!! I finally said no you are a scammer I’m calling the police and he hung up. I actually don’t know if I have any actual charges on my bank account yet nothing is showing now but the email said I was charged and it could take 2 days to show up in my account

Glenn – Apr 28, 2020

Victim Location 53018

Total money lost $299.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

1.Four years ago a Malware intrusion locked me out of my computer. I received an email that they had been monitoring my computer with a license from Microsoft as a subcontractor.

2.I was then contacted by phone as to how I could remove the malware and make my computer safe from Malware intrusions for a lifetime contract of $299.99. They suggested that the safest way to pay for that contract was via gift cards in the amount of $299.99. I purchased the gift cards and read them the numbers of the gift cards over the phone. Soon afterwards the Malware was removed. Soon after this incident I was harassed by phone calls to extended my one year subscription to a life time subscription for $499.99. With this harassment I suspected that this entire chain of events was a scam. I reported the incidents to the FBI, including the numbers on the gift cards. About two years later, I received a call from the ‘Tech support’ subcontractor for Microsoft, that an error had been made in charging me for services that I had already pad for in a previous contract and they wished to refund my money for the Malware removal if I would send them my routing number and checking account number. (Note: all of the voices on the phone calls had an English-Indian accent.)

Tina –

Victim Location 75932

Type of a scam Other

I told the person I haven’t bought any thing or services from this company,I ask for more info .He could not tell me a date when I bought this service I requested they send the form to my address he said it had to be done on line.These people or pushy,rude,He could not prove I had ever bought these $299.00 protection.I ask not to be contacted in these scams again or they would be reported.Hopefully theses people will be stopped.

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