Relief Benefit Administration fake us government

Relief Benefit Administration fake us government Scam or Legit? Check Relief Benefit Administration fake us government Reviews below.
Douglas – Jan 14, 2021

i received information from a friend and she told me about this grant and to text the number she gave me so i did and they told me to fill out form on line so i did and then i received a text back saying i qualified and they wanted to know how much i was looking for and then they told me to send 200.00 for the amount that i asked for and told them i didn’t have 200.00 and she asked me to send 50.00 with a steam gift card

Jaime – Oct 22, 2020

I was approached by text saying that I was selected by the RBA for benefits that I needed to fill out paperwork and pay $500 for the sum of $54,044 I was sent fake pictures of documents that I went back and found through google pics. Be aware of these people and their scams. They even have a website that looks halfway real.

Kate – Apr 27, 2020

Victim Location 38125

Type of a scam COVID-19

I received a private message from my good friend about receiving $100,000 from the Relief Benefit Administration due to the COVID-19. She said she received hers and gave me a number to call to see if i qualify. I called the number and got no answer. 10 minutes later i got a call from someone who said they were a "relief agent" and asked me some questions. They said i qualified for the covid relief program and that in order to get the $100,000 i needed to go to a store like walmart or walgreens and get a $500 gift card and call them back for instructions. I realized at this point it was a scam and my friend must have been hacked.

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  1. Gloria (Patterson)Macdonald

    I was approached this morning via messenger on [email protected] to contact a John to see if I was qualified for $50,000. and by the time I finished answering the questions and was told I qualified , I realized that I had been taken. So they are asking for $500. apple card then it hit me it was a scam

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