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Laura – Dec 04, 2020

Victim Location 77562

Total money lost $49.60

Type of a scam Other

I cancelled through email just like the site instructs at [email protected] because i wasn’t using the services on November 20th 2020 and here we are December 3rd 2020 and they took 49.60 off my card. I never even used their services. Scammers.

And they blow up my phone with ridiculous sites on my top notifications. My phone is ruined due to these ridiculous alerts so often. Can’t even read anything on my phone without pop up alerts to view their scam pages. One says talk to god. Another talks about celebrity drama. All say rent2ownusa on the site. There are many. So annoying.

Allen –

Victim Location 46795

Type of a scam Rental

Our home which is not for sale in northern Indiana is listed as being for sale/rent by this website. To access information on the house, you have to provide a credit card number and other personal details. Our phone number is apparently listed on the website as well because people who are interested in renting it are calling our house phone number. The picture of our home that is used is from Google Maps and isn’t even current. I should also note that they list it as being for sale/rent by owner and it most certainly is not. There are several other homes on the website in our area that do not appear to be legit listings.

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