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Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge Scam or Legit? Check Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge Reviews below.
Rebekah – Feb 28, 2021

Just received our first order from Smokey’s.
Over a $200 order, and couldn’t be happier with the bud we got. Top notch, and I highly recommend.
Legit 👍

Amy – Feb 02, 2021

I’ve had no complaints on the products or getting my products. My problem is that all of my friends I referred can’t use my code. These people say they fixed but I call bull[censored] cuz I made a different account to try an use my own code with a different email and it doesn’t work… Ive had 14 people order from here, all over $200 and they didn’t get their $25 off and im not getting my Qelcome to the Woods pack which I think is [censored]ing bull[censored] and the OntarioTen code doesn’t work either…
Peterborough, ON

Kari – Jan 20, 2021

I order quite a bit and I’ve never had a problem,the product is always good and it arrives very quickly,if I have a question I just message on Instagram and they respond quickly .I’m sad to see that others post such negative experiences as I have nothing but great interaction with this company,Dan in Hamilton Ontario

Roger – Jan 05, 2021

Email: [email protected]
Location: Tofino, B.C.
Before you order you would be wise to look at the reviews.
Personally, I received only 2/3 of the order that I placed and paid for. This company does not reply to complaints or short-changes in your order. It seems they will only respond to sales. They refuse to provide the missing product they short-changed me for.
They refuse to provide a G.S.T. registration number on request.
Their website reviews are fake – look at the dates.
You should be very wary dealing with these people. Spread the word.

Jessie – Jan 20, 2021

The company remedied the situation in a timely fashion and was unintentional on the company’s side. Errors do happen and “all” orders previously and since have been top notch and wonderful customer service. Will definitely order again, recommend and refer.

Ramon – Jan 04, 2021

Scammer’s phone none available

Scammer’s website Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge

Scammer’s address none available

Scammer’s email none available

Country Canada

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

My first few dealings with these folks were without issue.
My last dealing with them, they charged me for my complete order but only sent 2/3 of what I ordered and payed for. They claim it was sent but apparently they do not have the resources to employ stock / inventory vs. sales which would indicate it was never sent.
Efforts to recover my loss are fruitless as they do not / will not respond to messages left on their website.
I could not, in good conscience, recommend them to anyone as they have proven to be pretty sketchy at best.
Warn family and friends.

Natasha – Jan 20, 2021

The company remedied the situation. A simple error and misunderstanding and, without aggravation, they corrected the order. Remains one of my favorite folks to deal with.
Will continue to order, recommend and refer friends.

Kenneth – Dec 21, 2020

I ordered $400 worth weed from Smokey’s cannabis lounge and they said they never received my money. It was auto deposited into their acct.and I provided them
With bank statements, they never ever got back to me to fix the problem. I would never order from there again. Buyer beware!

Carlos – Jan 04, 2021

They ripped me off too. You may want to try what I’m doing. Take a screen shot of all your Smokey’s Cannabis Lounge transactions *being sure to include G.S.T. charged”. Although they claim they are legit, the C.R.A. may think otherwise and, since they will not / can not supply a G.S.T. registration, may appreciate the information. post your negative, but honest, reviews everywhere that you can think of. I have some other ideas if you’re interested. As they hide and refuse contact it is intent is to cost them much, much more than they’ve cost me.

Shannon – Dec 02, 2020

Some of the best bud I’ve ever smoked! Arrived in the mail in 3 days. Burns pure white smoke with very smooth tokes. They have great deals; I thought for the price I would get crap, but I guess they are a bulk dealer mainly pushing ounces at a time. I ordered 1 ounce of death bubba and was more than pleased with what I got. The bud is extremely sticky and crystally and comes in huge nugs; not like that popcorn crap. All in all great weed, and excellent service. These people are definitely legit. (Not scammers)

Javier – Jan 04, 2021

They were fine at the start but did, after 3 – 4 orders, choose to rip me off. They hide and don’t respond to emails, etc.
I would not do business with these people again.
You might want to rethink using them as they cannot be trusted.

Nancy – Apr 18, 2020

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The first email I received thanked me for signing up. I then googled the company as I usually do instead of clicking on the links to send an email asking to be removed from their mailing list. I have since gotten2 other emails. There is no phone number on the website to call I am attaching a photo of said email.

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