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Peter – Mar 02, 2021

Scammer’s phone 4054336364 and 405 354 6364

Scammer’s address Oklahoma

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I am not a person to easily scam and I’m so pissed I got scamed almost 2,300 and they still wanted 1,200 for insurence I declined after that I called my bank for fraud and scam and want warn these scammers are smart and shady people who have nothing better to do that rip good folk off! I am so angry I got scammed bad for a Raisa shiba inu puppy I did all the checking and I still got scammed they seemed legit but no! Be warned I will never let this happen again I have learned I am untrusting and skeptical from everyone now!

Morgan – Feb 27, 2021

I purchased a Doberman puppy. I was told shipping amount and cost of puppy which I paid. I didnt hear anything until the next day when I get a call from a foreign person I could not understand except that I should have an email for tracking. Low and behold the tracking number doesn’t work. I realize I have been had. Then I get a message that I have to purchase a thermal crate for transport due to Covid. But I had to decide between a $1500.00 and a $2500.00 crate that would be refunded upon receipt of puppy. I immediately responded no that I wasn’t going to do that. I then sent a text to seller that I knew I had been scammed and they were not getting anymore money out of me. I received a text I response to please do this that is was necessary. I replied that it should be disclosed before purchase because I would not have purchased puppy. They even asked if I would pay half they would pay the other half. I asked that they pay it since it is refunded they should do it since it was not part of purchase. I did send the seller a harsh response even though it will not matter.
I lost my mother, going through a divorce and just needed a puppy for companionship and protection but I am out some money but just glad it wasn’t worse than it was.
I thought I had checked the kennel out and that it was legit. This will begin to affect people trying to purchase pets to give them a good home because you cannot trust people in this country anymore.

Catherine – Feb 08, 2021

Wendy’s Italian Greyhound Puppies – i too fell into the trap. The website was great. I spoke with them numerous times. I even talk to them on the phone. They asked if i was able to come pick up Ivy because they didn’t really like to ship if they didn’t have to. I’m 13 hours away and there was no way I could pick her up. I paid my $750 but once I received the tracking and speed point carriers asking me for more money – i declined. I emailed Wendy and told her this was sketchy and I wasn’t paying anymore money. Never heard back. My son is distraught. It is so hard to find Italian greyhounds. I have reported them to the BBB and will be contacting law enforcement in OK. When I was doing my research this site never showed up – otherwise I would have never bought from her. Glad I googled speed point carriers before paying them anything.

Derek – Jan 25, 2021

Wendy’s Italian Greyhounds (https://www.wendysitaliangreyhoundpuppies.com/) is also a scam site that uses Speed Point Couriers to get more money out of people. Fortunately we realized it was a scam when they were asking for a “thermal create” rental for $2,000 in AMEX gift cards so we didn’t get taken for too much.

They used the number 405-433-6364 to send a text message however I am sure it is a fake number.

We will be contacting Law Enforcement in hopes to try and get some relief but doubtful.

Alexandra – Jan 05, 2021

I am having problems with the speed point company. They told me 1000.00 now they want more money. I paid 600.00 for the puppy and was told there was 150.00 for shipping. I still don’t have my puppy. This company is a scam.

Ashleigh – Nov 11, 2020

DO NOT BUY any dogs from Nikis Dachshund Puppies the address they gave me if it is real or not is 13125 Skyland Drive, Yukon, OK 73099 405-393-3334 SCAM SCAM SCAM ALERT
I paid for a puppy for $500.00 plus $150.00 for shipping using there payment method using American Express Gift cards this was on 11-10-20
This morning 11-11-20 I get an email and a call from Speed Point Carriers Phone number they used 720-295-4307 saying that in order for them to ship my dog that I needed to pay $1,500.00 for a thermal carrier crate for the dog through air travel in addition they said i would get reimbursed when they deliver the dog to my home.
I asked if they take credit cards they said no that they used American Express Gift Cards so I had to go to Walgreens and purchase 4 gift cards totaling $1500.00 and text them the front and back of the cards.
Speed Point Carriers sent me a email with a tracking number so I can track where my dog is in flight. I saw that the flight was going to Atlanta. I called them to say hey I live in Denver the customer rep I talked with earlier told me that they flew to Atlanta first to pick up another dog and then fly to Denver. so I thought ok.. 2 hours later i get a email from Speed Point Carriers that I need to purchase $1000.00 for insurance from Atlanta to Denver..I said no [censored]ing way I am not paying that. I told them I already paid $1500.00 for a thermal crate that never was told I had to from the breeder. and I asked him why didn’t you tell me this first when you said my dog was flying first to Atlanta ? and now you want me to dish out another $1000.00 for this.. not going to happen..I called the breeder Niki’s Dachshund Puppies that uses Speed Point Carriers and I was furious and cussed him out for him not telling me about this prior to the purchase of the dog. he said that he would call them.. 15 minutes later I called the breeder and he told me that I would have to pay the insurance in order to receive the dog.. at this time I realized I got scammed. so i told him if I don’t receive my dog today as promised. I want my money back of $2,225.00 the breeder told he will try them again…I didn’t here back from him so I tried calling him and his number was disconnected 405-393-3334 I then called Speed Point Carrier from the number I was talking with the customer rep 720-295-4307 and that number is unavailable..
The website for the breeder was professionally done as well the Speed Point Carriers..I really got scammed and now I know not to use American Express Gift Card as payments.. IN FACT this is a crime and I will not let this go.. as long as it takes I will hunt these f[censored] down by any means necessary to get my money back.

Whitney – Oct 16, 2020

I have also been scammed by this bull[censored] company, on today I contacted a seller on Craigslist about an husky puppy, which she referred me to this company that ships within 24 hours, or same day, a Indian man also with an accent calls me tells me to read over the email, and suggested I pay $300 for a flight ticket for the pet. And then sends another email 30 mins later saying I have to pay for a crate, which was $1500 but then says they have a cheaper one for $700. So I told the guy it’s ok to refund my $300 back because by then I knew it was a scam. When you call the number back that he calls from it’s an google number so you can’t talk directly to no one else but him. Until he calls back. When I then ask for my money back he then tells me I will be sued for abandonment of a pet, but how can I be sued if the pet isn’t in my custody. And then threatens me and say “you have 30 mins to pay the money or you will be sued”. But to think if we’re paying a flight company, then why is he receiving the money through different name and emails directly. Or why is he the only one answering all the calls and no one else. If it’s a company then they should have other employees right. Hmmm yea It’s all a scam, and I will never go through Craigslist again. This world is so cruel these days. Hopefully this helps someone please don’t get scammed like us others.

Shana – Nov 02, 2020

same thing happened to me today. I sent the 300 then found this post so when he called me back I told him to F off and called him out for being a fake. He just hung up the phone on me. after i said my email was [email protected]

Luis – Oct 19, 2020

Hi! May I ask if you have any pictures of the puppy? I just encountered the same situation. The owner says free adoption and free pick-up but the location was too far away from where I live so I had to choose shipping. I was wondering if they are the same scammer.

Joseph – Oct 08, 2020

This company work with Betty’s Doberman Pinscher: https://www.bettysdobermanpinscherhome.com/our-puppies/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8fr7BRDSAR… to scam people out of their money. Please beware of them. All of this is a scam and a way to take advantage of good people looking for a loving dog. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM. PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE! BEWARE OF THEIR TACTICS. Both companies work together. Speed Point Carriers calls demanding that you upgrade your crate because your dog is at risk. This is complete BS! The website is a complete scam. Please read what everyone has listed. I agree with everything that has been mentioned.

Lacey – Sep 19, 2020

I paid $750. for a puppy and then another $1000. for a crate because supposedly his original one got damaged. The dog was supposed to arrive at 10am the next morning, at 10:10 I was contacted by them asking for another $1000. for insurance. They told me the puppy was at the transit station waiting to board the plane. But can’t unless I pay the insurance .

Michele – Sep 23, 2020

Kim Silva
Did you ever get the dog that you paid for and if you don’t mind me asking who was the person you bought the dog from

Marc – Sep 16, 2020

I paid in full for a dog in Virginia and was told I would receive it today. Anyways speed point has made me pay for a crate and now they are wanting me to pay for insurance on the dog. They didn’t tell me that until after I paid in full for everything.

Katelyn – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 95758

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scammers Nora Boston Terriers pretends to be an American Kennel Club registered Boston Terrier breeder. There seems to be two parties in this scam: the alleged "breeders" and a "shipping company" called "Speed Point Carriers." Due to each parties’ level of English, Nora Boston Terriers are likely native English speakers while Speed Point Couriers are foreign, likely Indian.

The "breeders" will contact you via phone or email after you fill out a contact form for one of their puppies that don’t exist. After they ask some questions about your pet experience and tell you of all their pet breeding procedures to bolster their facade, either Valentin or Lisa will ask for payment via Cash App or money transfer for the imaginary puppy. Once they receive payment, they will then get you in contact with the "pet shipping company."

The fake shipping company Speed Point Carriers, a man with an Indian accent, will call you on the phone to confirm your details and ask to read a poorly formatted email to confirm an agreement when he is actually forming a profile on your voice to later attempt to steal your identity. He will then tell you that you need to pay for a specialty "pet transport crate" that costs $1,000-$2,000 and claiming that crate fee will be refunded. He will ask you to pay via American Express Gift cards since they are untraceable, making them ideal for money laundering.

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