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Top Flight Assistance Scam or Legit? Check Top Flight Assistance Reviews below.
Miranda – Mar 01, 2021

I to have top flight I have seen 1 removal of an account and now it winded up in collections so I don’t see where they are doing anything I contacted them by email and they said they would check on it it’s been a few months and still no change

Sergio – Dec 22, 2020

Read all the complaints before you decide to give this people one penny, they are thieves and will rob you blind.
I had a terrible experience with them

Heather – Dec 22, 2020

Don’t believe in free trial with this company.
I paid 1200.00 if I was to fix my credit with them. But after 5 days and really bad experience with nobody returning call or answering any form of text emails etc, I canceled subscription only to find out they keep part of that money for the work they had done. What work? they didn’t even answer anything. They steel your money. Really bad experience.

Latasha – Oct 22, 2020

Please do your research. This company is a total fraud. I signed up on a Thursday, paid them a deposit of $200 ,did my research on them over the weekend and the reviews were horrible. They text me over the weekend trying to solicit another $500 before doing anything for my Credit score. This is what prompted me to read their reviews. I called them first thing that Monday to cancel the service, waited on hold for 2 hrs, finally got them on the phone and they informed me that I was in the time period and I am eligible to cancel and get a full refund. 2 days later the $200 was returned to my account. I was satisfied until three weeks later they charged my account $124. I again called and complained they told me they didn’t cancel the automatic payment, but not to worry they will refund the $124. Its been 3 months and two weeks and four calls. Seems they are no longer answering calls. I then had to cancel my ATM card and block them because my checking account was compromised and depleted of over $500. Checking account was over 27 years old and never had fraudulent charges until now. This is a total scam.

John – Oct 10, 2020

I initially payed 500 dollars before any services were rendered. I have paid 700 in total within 5 weeks of starting with this scam. the COO has a bad wrap sheet and the company is absolutely fraudulent. no cummincation and they are set on not refunding money but that is fine. they have made their own bed.

Kenneth – Apr 17, 2020

They have proven no work other than taking money from my account. My scores dropped 60 points this month because of there poor actions. Lawsuit is in the works for these obvious scam artist.

Lisa –

Victim Location 73654

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Took a 250$ deposit from me said they would start my case immediately this was about April 3rd 2019 they have taken 50$ every 2 weeks from my account since then and have not done a single thing on my account I have demanded a refund but they refuse to give it to me unless I undergo a “ credit Analisis” all I want is my money back

Seth –

Victim Location 92113

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Top Flight Assistance formally known as Credit Broker HD has been reported to BBB but instead they change their name, this company has screwed me over, I took their service without doing proper research and little did i know they’ve already had complaints prior but to their other credit repair company, not only do they screw up your credit but these frauds have the audacity to script they’ve had experience for over 11 years not really informing their clients they’ve only been in business since 2017, The Owners know NOTHING about credit repairs!

they hire their " attorneys " to " fix" but they screw you over. They Attack the vulnerable to get Profit. They Need to be shut off immediately.

Shawn –

Victim Location 92342

Total money lost $119

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The founders of this company contacted me via email I don’t even remember applying for the job but human resources sent me an email telling me to go to a specific page and watch a video and download three apps one of them was called line chat the second one cash app and the third one Zoho creator. I was told that I signed a disclosure which I never received a copy of, I worked and generated over $100 which I was never paid when I quit and took another job and I was never contacted again by the company. Just before leaving I found that the people I had connected them with said that they required a $1 fee to look up their credit score so that they can better assist them and without telling them sign them up for credit monitoring which charge them another $27 or so. And they even went so far for the people who didn’t have a dollar to spare to say go borrow the dollar from a friend. So I am still trying to get ahold of the founders and went back through all my messages on Facebook and apologize as well as warned people about Top Flight assistance.

7:46AM 1/8/18 They finally contacted me, because I had sent them a message letting them know that I was glad that I took screenshots of everything and that I was getting ready to report them for the lack of communication as well as charging people for things they didn’t have permission to.

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