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Nicholas – Jan 09, 2021

I am an artist and the seller contacted me about a painting on my website. Sent me a check $1750 even though the painting was only $450. Sent no note or anything with the check. When I contacted the seller saying they sent too much they said the rest was to have it shipped. Seemed shady—the lady was going to have a person pick up the $500 to ship it to Canada and wanted me to do it before the check cleared because it was a gift for her husband for their anniversary. Lone behold my bank rejected the check because it was fraudulent.

Christian – Dec 11, 2020

Guy texted me wanting two puppies ($2000 total) told me to send the rest to his movers? I told him I wasn’t selling the dogs without meeting him and then he said he already sent the check and sent me the tracking number. Postage from a Michael j Sewell from Torgs Auto.

Richard – Nov 23, 2020

Torg Auto’s
Enrique Whitley
Was selling a mattress on offer up for $200 guy said he is interested and consider it sold he said he will mail a check and take out the $ and give the rest to the movers when they come to pick up ,so happed like 3 days after a priority mail came with a check for $1830.33 when I looked up these info was found >I text the person and told him I am not getting involved with this .

Brittney – Nov 23, 2020

ckeck picture

Roberto – Nov 21, 2020

It was a dog walking gig n craigslist the person was offering 400 weekly to walk his dog and that had a pregnant wife that couldn’t take care of the dog. He ask me for address phone number if I was a Male or female then mailed a 1,950 check to my house begging me through text to cash quickly it just was suspicious

Walter – Nov 17, 2020

Fake checks. Craigslist dog walking gig. $1,650 torg auto re enrique whitley

Shawna – Nov 16, 2020

Fraud check

Adriana – Oct 07, 2020

Contacted by Ms Angel_Scott Via Instagram. she was out of work living with mom. She owed her bank money so she could not cash a check there. Said her Uncle (she does not know his name when asked) would send me a check to deposit in my bank $3850.00. I was to use the ATM om make the deposit. I was instructed to keep $300.00 and send the rest to her on a cash card. Of course I needed to send her the reciept, for the cash card, so I would throw away record of the trans-action.

Lance – Sep 15, 2020

Victim Location 12065

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

august 12 2020 text Justin Klyer Do you offer House cleaning 2 Bedroom apt one cleaning

Wanted my adress to sent payment We agree on $300.00 He sent me 3,200.00 Remitter Sharon Muckey on check

Gave them my adress they sent check and wanted the balance sent to realtor I was going me realtor to let in me for cleaning a adress I did not get

Still have check never deposit I new it was a scam

Check Information; Cashier Check Amount August 19 2020 # 0331004673 date $3200.00 Sharon Muckey remitter Wellsfargo Bank NA 2340 n Mesa st El Paso Tx 79902

$3200- $300 = $2900

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