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Summer – Feb 25, 2021

Victim Location 30750

Type of a scam Employment

I responded to an ad on Face Book market place for a work from home employment by a company called Teletech. They conducted an on line interview. I sent them my Id and my social security just like a normal interview. I had done a little research on the company. They told need I would get paid if I let them use my Facebook page to promote them. That was a week ago. So they had told me I would get paid today so I started questioning them and done a little more research and called them out on a few things they erased my fb its like I never existed on there and who knows what else they will do cause they have all my information. So beware Of any employment jobs.

Mathew – May 28, 2020

Victim Location 33321

Type of a scam Employment

Applied for a work from home data entry position w/TTECH which was posted on snag a job. I was granted an interview via Google Hangouts today 5/28/20 and was offered a position.. They offered $25/hr and $18/hour during training and after 90 days full benefits! They were very professional with their questions, explaining the companies job descriptions etc.. Later this afternoon, I became skeptical @ this and looked at the company’s website/positions ie:Section- Interview, it clearly stated no interviews via this method (hangout) and I immediately contacted the HR department regarding the posted positio? I was informed that this was a scam and the job is not an open position. Teletech would report the breach/scam to their talent acquisition department and legal counsel. Due to this scam, I will be changing my email address and bank’s name (they did not get my account no#)but it will be changed for security reasons. Who else should I contact regarding this scam?

John Harrison presented himself as an HR Manager for the TTECH company! Lesson learned!

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