U.S. federal grant…Mike Smith

U.S. federal grant…Mike Smith Scam or Legit? Check U.S. federal grant…Mike Smith Reviews below.
Christie –

Victim Location 89434

Type of a scam Government Grant

These people have been calling me at least 2-3 times a day, including weekends, for the last 3 weeks from unknown caller ID number.

The first week they claimed to be giving away grant money for educational purposes basically. And i ask them to take my name off the list and to stop calling and they swear its the first time they’ve called.

The second week I never gave them a chance to say much and would just tell them to stop calling.

Finally in the third week, today, they actually called me by my name, which has not happened with the other attempted callers, so I decided to play along to get whatever information I can to put these people on blast because I’m tired of being harassed and lied to.

They claimed I’m one of the 1700 approved in Nevada for free federal grant money to use for whatever (not just educational purposes this time). And I’m approved for 9,700 and something. And the money will be transfered via Western Union from the government. And because it will be coming through Western Union there will be a charge of $250 on my end. But the government will reimburse me. BUT the real "WTF" moment was when the *beep* said to go to the nearest store, like Walmart, and buy an Apple iTunes gift card and load the $250 on that!

So I said sure give me a little time to get ready and go and at first the guy suggested to just stay on the phone until I got to the store, but I explained that’ll waste too many min so he decides to give me a number to call back.

And that’s the end of my story, I didn’t go down to the store because I’m not stupid and I’m broke LOL. And I called the Northern Nevada BBB and was told to write a report here. Hope this helps any and all out there getting any attempts of getting weaseled out of their money.

First off to all those who read this, the government isn’t going to hide their phone number, so most likely an unknown caller ID is bad news.

And second, having someone who sounds almost alike every time they call and claim they’ve never called is bull. (Oh and by the way, when I finally went through with their nonsense as far as I would allow, the guy said to ple[censored]d to talk to his supervisor to get the details and it still sounded like the same guy but trying to disguise his voice with a half English type accent.)

And finally if you have ever sent money via Western Union you would know that the sender is charged the fee, not the receiver. And especially not paying the fee with an Apple iTunes gift card.

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