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Evelyn –

Victim Location 21804

Type of a scam Government Grant

A man called me from 212-777-9990 stated I had been selected randomly because my bills were paid on time, my taxes were paid on time, and I had a clean record. He stated I would recieve $8000 dollars in grant money that I did not have to pay back He asked me to varify my name as he repeated my name which I did he then asked me for my address which I gave him then he gave me a verification code of "rn201" and a phone number to call I then asked him his name and he said Austin Workman I asked him for his employee id number he gave me his ext number of 856 And I ask him again for his employee id number he went on to say his present address was 200 Independance Ave Washington DC So I called the application /verification number A man answered the phone I asked what company I had called he told me the US Government Grant verification department I then asked his name and he said Michael Jayden I then gave him the code number I was instructed to give of rn201 Then the man preceded to tell me theycould direct deposit into my account the $8000 I told him he could mail me the check he went on to tell me the government doesnt mail checks out I then asked him if he could Western Union it he said yes Then he told me thete would be a fee for the grant to be released thete would be a fee This is where I stopped him in the middle of his speach and told him "I may be a woman but I wasnt born yesterday The Us Government Grants department does not pick people at random for grants they have not filed for. And there is never a fee to release them. I asked him whyvyhe phone number from the first guy regiaered New York and the man was telling me he was in DC I then told him to stop making scam calls to me. I have a Virginia Beach Va phone number but I reside in Maryland

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