UBC Recovery and Litigation

UBC Recovery and Litigation Scam or Legit? Check UBC Recovery and Litigation Reviews below.
Marc –

Victim Location 48867

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I have someone calling saying they are from UBC Recovery and Litigation, representing Triple Services. They have all of my information. They are telling me I must pay xxx amount of dollars and they will subpoena me to court for a larger amount. They transferred me to 2 other people. One person would ask someone else a question in the background. They could not provide me with dates of when I borrowed any money or the company I borrowed it from. They said they represent Triple Services. I can’t find either company. They said it is a sister company to multiple payday advance companies. I called one and they gave me their Parent company and it was completely different. They left me alone for about a week and just started blowing up my phone again. They have my husbands number as well.

They have a few different telephone numbers, all digits are the same with the exception of the last 2 or 3.

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