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Larry –

Victim Location 86336

Type of a scam Debt Collections

There’s a special place in hell for folks who prey on the elderly – and it’s reserved for them. I received a call from my elderly sister in a panic. They had called her 2 weeks ago and said that they had a delinquent credit card account from Blair fashions from 2008 that she owed $2000 on but if she sent them a cashier’s check for $401 they would close the account. She didn’t tell me about that one, but when they called back 2 weeks later saying that they hadn’t received the monies and that if she didn’t get a debit card and send them the money they would send someone with a subpoena demanding 2 forms of ID and send her to jail. No wonder she freaked! Now, my sister is disabled and was at her wits end fearing that she was going to jail. I immediately sprung into action. Assured her that in the state of AZ, no creditor could demand payment on a credit card bill over 6 years old and then started researching these [censored]. Yes they have an address (first thing to look for) yes they had a telephone number (2nd thing to look for) yes they had a URL (3rd thing to look for – but just a domain name on GoDaddy.com). Yes they were listed with chamberofcommerce.com – but were not listed as a member of the LockPort Chamber of Commerce official website (dern these guys are good at scamming!). Ascertained that this was a scam. One good thing was they gave her the wrong zip code so her chashiers check came back (on the same day they happened to call) and she was able to get her monies back from BofA. BofA assured her that this was indeed a scam. I also had her contact Blair fashions to see if she did open an account with them back in 2008 (she couldn’t remember) but when she told them United Merchants name Blair assured her that it was a scam because they have their own collection agency – and it’s not them. I have since instructed her to not call them, not respond to any of their phone calls, and if someone happens to show up at her door demanding 2 forms of ID to lock the door and call the police….

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