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Natalie –

Victim Location 95628

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company has called me over the past year. I have had some of the scammers ask for my credit card over the phone to settle a unpaid loan from 2006 (its now 2017) and state it was a pay advance loan. I have told them several times I have never taken out a pay advance loan in my life and if they are claiming so then it is fraudulent. Last year they claimed they were putting my information in the system and beginning a investigation into the fraud. They still call me today asking for last four of my social security number claiming they have the rest of my social security number. When I ask how I can verify they are a real company they simply tell me they just told me they were. They have threatened for over a year to take me to court if I don’t resolve. Being police officer I know these people are nothing but a scam. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION!!! Instead ask for their information including their business license and address. They won’t give it to you. The first time they contacted me they claimed I owed $3000. The second time they claimed I owed $600. Please do not feed into these types of scams. Always ask lots of questions and never believe someone is telling you the truth especially since its just a phone call!

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