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Cameron –

Victim Location 60660

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This is a complaint about a fake business and I believe the person is using applicants personal information for personal gain or fraudulent activity.

The company listed in my complaint took my personal information my SSN and DL and I believe they use person’s information for their own gain. My next step is to change my social security number. I reported United States Logistics to the IRS, FBI and Attorney General.

This person is running a fake business and taking personal information from others and opening credit cards. He showed me a stack of credit or debit cards in his drawer. He said that he has so many accounts the bank just keeps sending him debit cards! I think he’s using people’s personal information for his own gain and getting credit cards in their name. He said that United States logistics was a DBA of Ameribank and that he was a VP at Ameribank. His Name: John Ryan (probably fake, I don’t know, he wouldn’t give me a business card). The phone numbers associated with his businesses are: 847.563.2407 773-299-9719, 312-519-3015. Business Address for United States Logistics: 1603 Orrington Ave (6th floor) in Evanston, IL. 60201. He hasn’t done anything to my credit yet, because I’m maxed out…but I know he will do something or he plans to use my SSN for fraudulent or fake purposes.

The website of the business is www.unitedstateslogistics.org

He offered me a job, he made copies of my SSN and DL and then when I showed up for work, John Ryan wasn’t there but an employee named BEN was there. John called and talked to Ben and Ben didn’t give me any information about the call. This John Ryan rents his office through “Office Space Chicago” 300 LaSalle Street Suite 4925. Chicago, IL 60654. Phone: 312-803-0700. As does Ameribank. I can describe this person in detail. I know he’s up to NO GOOD and he needs to be stopped. He caused me to turn down 2 legitimate job offers and now I don’t have a job! He and I talked on the phone several times and now he’s NOT taking my calls. There is no information about United States Logistics prior to 2016. There is information on the web about Ameribank and there is actually a SCAM alert about it being a fake business.

I don’t know for sure but my guess is that the people who put down 30% for their services never receive the service they pay for. I hope I’m wrong. It’s worth investigating!

Sincerely, *** *** *** ***

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