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Bryan –

Victim Location 17931

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I have been shopping at the Unity in Frackville PA. I have noticed this misc. tax being put on our bills. They do not give out receipts and when asked for one they say it can not be printed. Well i demanded my recipet and saw misc tax about 4.00 each time and sometimes doubled on the cash register. After demanding a receipts be giving there was no longer this "misc" tax being put. I am not sure if this is supposed to be but i know this never happens at Turkey hill up the street. I think they are pocketing people money by adding this misc. tax because people do not request there receipts. I know in PA i think the only tax added to your bill should be at the bottom and a 6 percent. I should not be paying 6 percent plus an extra 4.00 worth of tax for items under 20 dollars. I am not able to provide you with a receipt because they will not give me one half the time and when they do they take of this "misc" tax.

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