unknown they would not say

unknown they would not say Scam or Legit? Check unknown they would not say Reviews below.
Cody –

Victim Location 85302

Type of a scam Debt Collections


Got a call from 866-204-0484? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.



5 Mar 2017

Hello I am calling regards to a formal complaint that has been a ghost one senator Nicole your billing information. We can wait til whereabouts of this individual. Please contact us immediately at (866)204-0484. Again (866)204-0484 or press any key on your dial pad to be connected to a meeting so office the next at will be following this is Sarah paperwork with the local county court. Thank you for cooperation.

This is the exact message I got from them 5 times a day I copied it from my visual voicemail to text

Caller: [***]




5 h 51 min ago

I received basically the same call as Nichi. The voice actually sounds deep, like it is changed with a voice changer.

Caller: No name given




a few seconds ago

good to know this is a scam number i believe its a old overstock .com business address no longer there the building. address i found affiliated with no business or personal names is 6350 s. 3000 east salt lake city utah 84121-6937, i reported this.they called wanting asking for a relatives info from a extended relative. the person they called about is older and no longer with us. they threatened to take relative to court. there is no business name related to this phone number. its a blocked or unlisted 866 number. happened today. they kept asking for information on my deceased mother and they called my sister in law and they have never talked to each other by phone my mother died in 2015 i have not had contact with my mother since until prior to her passing. she was elderly and in a care facility prior to her passing. they did not receive anything and did were not given info other than the person they called looking for was deceased. my sister in law lives in phoenix az my mother lived in denver colorado. i also cut and past what other stated on the internet regarding this number above anonymous.

Caller: unknown


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