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Jenny –

Victim Location 89121

Type of a scam Phishing

i was researching insurance company’s for ins. rates. while doing so i get a phone call about 12:40 pm. on june 6, 2017 and a female asked for 4 me. i said this is me as i thought that she was from an insurance co. then she said are you there? i said "ya" and then she said thank you for your time and hung up.

I realized then that i had been had. all she wanted was to record me saying "yes". i know now that i have to watch my credit cards and any suspicious buy’s that may be billed to me. it was perfect timing for her to call and ash for me as i was expecting calls from ins. co"s. i know now that i will never do that again. i hope this scam can be stopped. I did not lose anything at this point but i will be watching for activity on my credit cards.

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