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James –

Victim Location 53150

Type of a scam Other

I got a letter from the post office about changing addresses for my father, who we moved from one assisted living facility to another. The letter instructed me to go to a United States Postal Service website to complete the address change. When I googled it, I clicked on the first website that popped up, thinking it was the US Postal Service (sure looked that way). I followed the prompts it directed me to fill in to change the address (former address, current address, email address and phone to verify, etc.) and when I was done, I hit "submit" and was directed to a page telling me to PAY $39.99!!!! I was so confused, knowing that I would never have to pay to simply inform the government of a new address. Then, I read the fine print………Which stated "this is not a government website. It is a private company." It doesn’t list an address at all, just a phone number. What a scam! But I can see how people would be misled into thinking they are still on the USPS website! Beware!!!

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