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Tiffany –

Victim Location 63033

Type of a scam Debt Collections

These people call and ask for my by my maiden name. They are also calling me on my cell phone at a number that I got in 2012 or 2013. They tell me that I owe on a debt from 2011 (I would have had a different phone number). I filed bankruptcy in January 2011, and did not take out any loans after that, except an auto loan in April 2014, that is paid off. I have asked for proof of this "debt", and they refuse to provide it. They never send me anything via mail or email, they always try to contact me by phone. They threaten to call my family members if I don’t pay, but I know they call them looking for me if I don’t answer my phone now. I have told them several times to stop calling me and that I know they are nothing but scammers. There is no fraud activity on my credit reports. I want them to stop calling me and my family members!

George –

Victim Location 29710

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I am getting a calls from a company called URG claiming that a debt is owed and is about to go to court??? They are calling from the numbers of 855-422-3283, 252-363-0033 and 855-283-8191 mostly leaving automated messages with a claim number. The third number that has been calling is 844-279-7423 claiming that we have won a prize. My mother and father are elderly. They are calling my home, and calling my elderly parent’s home saying that, their message is for me. I called them back one day last week, and they said that I owed a debt for a payday loan. I don’t even have any such thing, and they could not tell me the name of the company that I supposedly owed the debt to. They claim that they represent many companies! They are calling us at 980.255.0497, 704.332.1916 and 803.619.4236. How do we stop this?

Samuel –

Victim Location 38045

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On Oct. 1, 2015 Ms Wiley from URG called (855-298-3407) to say I owed $324. Send $162 by Oct. 5th using my credit card. If I don’t send them the money they were to take me to court. Different people called me (about 10) from different phone numbers; I did not take the additional numbers. I do not owe the money and I did not send the money. I called the FTC to report the scammers.

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