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US Department of Grants Scam or Legit? Check US Department of Grants Reviews below.
Melody –

Victim Location 38112

Type of a scam Government Grant

I work for a small nonprofit who has gotten several phone calls from someone calling from Bainbridge Island, WA and saying they are calling for the U.S. Department of Grants. As a grant writer (and someone who has gotten these calls in the past), I know this is a scam. When I question where they are located, they say Washington DC; when I ask for street address there is none provided; when asked for the agency in which they work, they hang up.

Marc –

Victim Location 32218

Type of a scam Government Grant

They call and say I am being a good citizen and paying my bills and taxes and will receive a relief of 7G’s. So, I listened. They gave me a big speech, no scam at first- here is a case number and you need to call this number back. All Indian speaking people. Five so far I’ve listened to. They then say it will cost 7,250$ at my nearest money transfer location and I must initialize the first 250$ but I will get it right back. Within minutes. On and on about how good a citizen I am and how well I am doing and my free money should be used for good. They knew what college I went to, where I worked, and my Grandmother’s name. Who is dead and is associated with me when you look up my name on the internet. No one has my name. I am the only one, so it is easy to find info on me. Now, last night, I cussed them out. After I already answered a call two hours prior and another call two hours prior to that, that they remove my name off their call list. He proceeded to say he would kill me after I told him to ‘take me off your list.’ At this point, they call me seven times a day now and have been since I answered the call on Friday. It is now Thursday of the following week. This needs to stop. I have NEVER been harassed this bad. This is out of control.

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