US Embassy in Guatemala

US Embassy in Guatemala Scam or Legit? Check US Embassy in Guatemala Reviews below.
Caitlin –

Victim Location 32810

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

The scammers called me and said that my oldest grandson and said his name was in Guatemala and had been in an accident and he had a busted up nose and there was drugs in the car with him. They said I was speaking with the sergeant there and that I needed to wire $9,000 to them for his release. I got so flustered about it, that my daughters and son in law was there and was able to help me make sense of it all. First of all even though they let me talk to the kid that they said was my grandson and even though he knew certain things… we were able to pick up on things like he said he was my oldest grandson when he is actually my youngest, and the rest was probably taken from my FaceBook page. Lesson learned I think I will be removing myself from FaceBook… it’s nothing but trouble. We were able to reach my grandson and find out he was safe at work and without a busted up nose, I’m happy to report!

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