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us government division of grants Scam or Legit? Check us government division of grants Reviews below.
Jamie –

Victim Location 80013

Type of a scam Government Grant

I am a small business owner and receive several calls daily from a non US person claiming to be from us gov dept of grants, wanting to give me what i understood to be $90,000.00 free. The caller stated I had been selected because I was free of crime with the government and no bankruptcy in the last 6 months. They stated they would make a direct deposit to my account, or could sent western union. They asked for my bank account # and when I asked, refused to reveal a supervisor name or call back #. I became suspicious when there was no claim of a recorded call for quality assurance or training purposes which all businesses do.

I receive 22 calls daily for the last week from all kinds of numbers from all over the US, and non ID callers and Unknown caller. It has exceeded definition of harassment. I have been courteous, rude, asked to be removed, hung up etc. Sometimes its the same caller several times a day from different #’s and locations. None of my info was ever given which is why they are continuing to call.

Please never give your info out to anyone over the phone, and remember, the government will not call you, ever!

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