US Realty Records

US Realty Records Scam or Legit? Check US Realty Records Reviews below.
Dawn – Jan 11, 2021

Victim Location 29732

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Bait & switch company. They auto sign you up for a monthly service. No confirmation emails or notices of any kind are sent to confirm the transactions. They do not provide a way to opt out or cancel the membership online.

Customer service agents will hang up on you if you ask for a refund.

Melody – Mar 07, 2020

Victim Location 80132

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Other

This company is an absolute scam!!!! It took 10 months for me to realize they were pulling $19.95 out my account unauthorized. They use different names like USrecordrealty,USpropertyrecord, USownerrecords, and withdraw 19.95 on a different day every month. I called them and they could not find my name at first. Then my husband called and they couldn’t find his name either until he gave them his zip code, then they asked if I was related to him. It was extremely unprofessional, they fumbled around trying to sound professional, but failed. We told them we wanted reimbursed for the full amount, and they would only give us two months worth. I never signed up for this, yet paid them almost $200 for nothing. I don’t even understand what service they really offer. We asked to speak to their manager and they said he isn’t in and they don’t know when he will be in. Very strange! Very wrong! This company needs to be shut down immediately!!!!!

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