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Travis –

Victim Location 44820

Total money lost $109.99

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call Thursday that I was to receive a government grant. I called the number, spoke w/a person who said I was entitled to a grant due to the 2009 recession, randomly chose people who didn’t have a criminal records, and I was selected. They wanted me to purchase a card for $59.99, which I did. They wanted me to get on a computer. Continually called me Friday with codes and confirmation numbers. They called yesterday and said the first person was reprimanded and he had new information for me. Yesterday I got texts saying in 6 hours your money will be on the card, then in 3 hours your money will be on the card. Since you didn’t go online, you need to buy a second card. The second card was $50. I knew it was too good to be true, $50 for $9000.00. The first caller was Mark Ramos, who worked for US Services. He did not have an accent. He continually said I would be reimbursed for the cards, adn he gave me a code, he said the money would be deposited onto the card. I went to my friend’s house, and he said I couldn’t use his computer as it was a scam. I read Mark Trudeau and I know things are possible, so I thought why not, what if it’s true. The phone number for the scammer is disconnected, it was 240-986-2245. If my computer skills were better, I feel like I would not have been scammed.

Susan –

Victim Location 80909

Type of a scam Other

Rude telemarketer, and when I asked him how many times I needed to ask for them not to call me, he said, "You’re gay," and hung up. When I called back to ask for a manager the person picking the phone up immediately disconnected. They’ve used several different numbers to call from.

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