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Renee –

Victim Location 43229

Total money lost $199

Type of a scam Tech Support

I experienced internet connectivity issues with my computer, although the rest of devices in the house did not. Called Apple support and ATT provider. While trying to figure it out with these two companies, I was prompted to open internet. When I opened Safari, on one of tabs an usual page with many errors appeared along with a voice warning of a dangerous malware, and a pop-up window that would not close unless Safari was closed. It prompted me to call so the issue can be fixed. They presented themselves as Apple third party. Because of this unusual activity and the issue of internet access, I was lured to take full control of my computer so they can "clean" the malware. They asked me to sign a paper, whose signature is not mine, it is my name with a nice font. (it is attached). The image itself disappeared, I only have their emails asking if everything is fine. Yesterday I called Apple and they said that is not their policy, and did not recognize this company. I called the bank and put credit card on hold, while I’ll call to the disputes department to fit this scam. I changed my computer password, however, this morning at work I have received an email prompting to change one the websites that I usually use. It was a scan with a malicious malware which IT was able to stop it! Tonight I am taking my computer to the Apple Store for a technical support. Please help!!!! I feel violated!!!!! Your advice will be appreciated to what other steps should I need to do.

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