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Jared –

Victim Location 76132

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

USA Federal Title Services, Jackson MS and Hamilton Brokers, Bemiston Tower, ST Louis MO. A representative from Hamilton Brokers called me in Late fall 2015 claiming they had a buyer for my times share in the Villa del Palmars, Nueva Vallarta, Mexico. They seemed to have all the detail and the documents they sent me looked legit. A cold calling female (Jennifer Cortez) made initial contact, followed by a male, Anthony Moore, stating that he was the broker. All the personnel had heavy *** accents. I checked the location and 1-866 # to verify them to the best of my ability. There would be a 5% commission. Any cost to me would be reimbursed by the buyer. An escrow account was set up. Transactions were handled through a Title company, USA Federal Title Services (Jackson, MS) per a Mr. Leonard Santtucci, also with a *** accent, though more polished. There would be a maintenance fee 1st to the escrow to be reimbursed by the buyer. Two weeks later there was a resort transfer fee. Two weeks later there was a bank transfer fee. Multiple telephone calls from Hamilton Brokers ensued when there appeared to be glitches, yet we were suckered in and transferred moneys. All correspondence by email was only legal documents or wire transfer request forms. Conversations by phone were supposedly recorded for quality control but I only had my notes (and initially I didn’t keep many of those). The 3rd fee I realized did not go to the same bank as the escrow account. Then they asked for an interest adjustment to the same bank. I was very busy at the time and just trying to get this thing done. There was always time pressure to respond. I sent a long email and demanded answers to my questions. No answer. I contacted the resort – they had never heard of Hamilton Brokers. After a bit more being suckered by the Title Company now, I finally woke up and filed a complaint with both the Missouri Attorney General and Mississippi Attorney General. Supposedly, they would turn the file over to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Washington, to whom I also filed an on line complaint. I have no idea if any action has ever been taken.

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