Veluntra Scam or Legit? Check Veluntra Reviews below.
Jacquelyn – Mar 02, 2021

Absolutely a scam. They reached out to me, with a deal for 3 free items, only pay shipping, and with my code me and everyone else who uses it gets 50% off and I get 25% commissions.

Well I did some research and they steal most of their products and photos from a company called “The Songbird Collection” who’s items cost less than $20 for the most part!

When I told the person messaging me that I didn’t want to be an ambassador because I found an item on their website for $57.00 while the other site sold it for $18.00. They said “you won’t pay for the items anyway, only shipping”

I was like “ That’s fine, but Im not going to promote something where my friends, family & followers have to pay an excessive amount for something when they can get it somewhere else at a much more reasonable price.

50% off of $57.49 is $28.74, not including shipping. Shipping was $30. That’s a $58.74 total.

The other companies total for the exact same item after shipping was $25.32.

For gods sake, they aren’t even verified!

Thank you, but no thank you.

Julian – Feb 21, 2021

Thank you everyone for your help. I was about to pay on the website, because they gave me a total discount but the shipping. Anyways, I only have 550 followers, so i was surprised about that..

April – Jul 02, 2020

Same story here, a guy called Stefan from veluntra wrote to my girlfriend , promising the same story and 50÷ off on all collection, when she becomes an ambassador.. they still try the same scam, but she did not pay him.
They claim on their website they would be active since 6 years but when you check the domain was just registered last year. Someone should call the police.

Meghan – Jun 13, 2020

Victim Location 42104

Total money lost $66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Veluntra commented on my picture on Instagram saying that they want me as an ambassador. I’ve been using Instagram for 1 year only so I wasn’t sure how this works. Anyways I was excited and accepted the offer. Then they told me to go to their website and choose from their jewelry and pay half the price and that they will give me a coupon to share and take commission for each person buying using my coupon.

I did the purchase and paid half the price ($60)

Later I started doing more research on this stuff. I discovered that a business wanting me to be an ambassador is impossible since I barely have 100 followers.

Then I tracked my order and discovered that they basically order things from China and that jewelry barely costs $2.

So yes I was scamned!!

Jasmine – Feb 09, 2021

Me acaban de escribir lo mismo, y empecé a buscar bien la información y me encontré con esto, muchas gracias por su comentario. Yo aún no he hecho alguna compra o algo, recién me escribieron desde mi foto y en dm.

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