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Alejandro – Feb 28, 2021

Victim Location 08731

Type of a scam Phishing

Got a txt messsge using my first name saying my credit card was charged twice at Walmart to confirm details at “”

So that they can credit me $1,000

Sincere apologies,

Team Customer Department

I never contacted them so they didn’t get anywhere. I was able to get the # they txt me from.

Sierra – Apr 09, 2020

Victim Location 08867

Type of a scam COVID-19

Received a WhatsApp message saying Walmart is giving away free groceries worth $250 for Coronavirus response. When clicked on the link it asks to share this message with 20 people to get the coupon.

Here is the link:

It clearly looked like a scam so I did not proceed and decided to report it. People are being scammed by using vulnerability of people during a pandemic. I find this utterly disgusting. Please help. Thanks.

Jason –

Victim Location 08302

Total money lost $2,490

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Scammer posted ad stating part time positions available with no experience and get paid $400. I applied through the survey and within 3 days received a priority mail envelope with the first assignment. The assignment stated that I would be a secret shopper for Walmart and that I was to report all actions by using the above #. A cashier’s check was sent for $2450 by the scammer which I had to deposit and then go to a walmart and purchase 2 $1,000 money orders. Upon receipt I text this individual and he would provide an address to mail the money orders too. I was to leave them blank and provide the receipt in the envelope. The next day(Wednesday) the individual sent me another text asking me to purchase 3 Itune gift cards for $100 a piece and he would reimburse me via a second check on saturday. Once the purchase was made i was to scratch off the cards and take a picture and have it sent to him. I then replied to him advising him that this task will not be completed. I then sent another message for him to remove me from his list of participants as I was no longer interested. On thursday afternoon I was notified by the bank that the check for $2450 was fake. I am now left to repay the bank $2490. ($2450 for fake check and $40 of my own money). I attempted to cancel the money orders but they were already cashed. I have filed a police report with local state police, notified Walmart of the scammers using their loyal customers to scam them, sent documentation to [email protected], reporting to and have several other locations to report too to avoid other individuals from being scammed.

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