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Rebecca – Sep 29, 2020

Victim Location 85014

Type of a scam Tech Support

Entered by ScamPulse.com Employee on behalf of victim:


I think I may have been the victim of a scam today. Unfortunately, as I was initially upset and uncertain of what it was all about, I gave out some sensitive information that could be used in identity fraud. Also unfortunately, I don’t have much information on the company either. I will do my best to lay out what happened.

I received an email which I will forward to you in a separate email from "geek squad" saying that the program I "allegedly" ordered last year was expiring and they were trying to charge another $398.98. Wracking my brains for what that initial purchase was about, I couldn’t recall anything, but if they were trying to charge my account that much money, I wanted to find out what was going on. There is no way I would have paid so much money for ANYTHING. So, I called the phone number in the email. First clue should have been that the phone was answered on the first ring by a young Asian Indian man, didn’t get his name. The connection was quite poor and had a very difficult time understanding him. He insisted that I had made the purchase last year but if I wanted to cancel it now, I could and they would refund the money. In order to do that, he had to take over my computer by remote control, which we did. I didn’t like the idea of that, but to get this done, I went along with it.

We got to a certain point, then he brought on "Adam Smith", another Asian Indian man, who was going to do a direct bank to bank transfer. So they had me fill out a form on Notepad that they created right then and there (another clue). Gave them the name of my bank initially. They got to a certain point with that and couldn’t go any further. Then they told me to go into my bank account on line so they could connect Chase Bank to mine to make the transfer. Did that, but then they stopped. They asked me for my bank card number in another form they created right then. I may getting the sequence mixed up now. Before I gave them that information, though, they did show me their "alleged" bank account information on line, I suppose to convince me they were legit, but all that could have been fake, too. It did look real, though, have to give them credit for the elaborate hoax.

They ended the call saying that it would take a while for the transfer to go through and just leave my computer as it was, to not use it. But then they created a Skype account, but they wouldn’t tell me why, what that had to do with the transfer. And they tried to set up another account for PC Remote, I think it was, for $187+ for 3 months of service. When I saw that, I said, Oh no, I do not authorize this. I think they were surprised that I butted in on a Notepad screen, must have thought I’d stepped away while they were doing that and I wouldn’t see what they were doing. They backspaced all the text we’d just written, and when I saw that, I typed: Get the hell off my machine. This is a scam and I’m contacting the Better Business Bureau right away! They got off my machine, and I proceeded to remove the programs and apps they’d installed, including google chrome. Then I got on your website and here I am. I also called my bank and had my card frozen and will get a new one.

The name of the so-called company is Yale Vision Inc. Business license #XY5633021 (that may be incorrect as I had a really hard time understanding the man with the lousy connection). I have an email address you could try as well: [email protected] Their bank was Chase Bank but I don’t have any of their account numbers. But I did notice something odd there, too. They had several accounts, two checking accounts, a savings account, and personal accounts as well. Those personal accounts had the last four numbers listed. What was odd was that 4 accounts had consecutive numbers, like 1234 and 3456 and 4567 and 5678. How likely is it that four accounts would have sequential numbers like that? I called the number on Chase’s website and the woman I spoke with couldn’t really give me any information on the company without their account number(s). When I mentioned the sequential numbers of those accounts, she did say it seemed unusual, but that it could happen.

I can give you a Case number 4882, and a Refund ID #92913 from the Yale Vision Refund Department. And by the way, they never called me back! Surprise!?

So that’s pretty much the story. I hope I’ve been able to provide you with enough information to check these people out. I really don’t have anything further to offer in that regard. If you need anything more from me, though, just let me know. I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible about this matter.


******* ** *****

Miranda –

Victim Location 72113

Type of a scam Tech Support

Got calls from Washington DC (202-868-8880) for several weeks stating their company was going out of business and wanted to refund my money for computer tech support. when I tried to return the call to number left on voice mail it could not be completed. Finally talked to them yesterday. They wanted to refund $399.99 and said they were working with Chase Bank. A black box appeared on my screen where my name, address and the amount of refund entered. they remotely quickly changed the amount to $3999.99. Because I had my bank account pulled up the amount showed entered in my account. I told them to contact Chase and back funds out. They couldnt do that. All the while they wanted me to pay them with my credit card which I refused. They wanted me to set up account on Xoom, which didnt work, then on Western Union which required credit card to transfer money which I refused. Next choice go to Target and get gift cards 4 at $500 each with the stipulation that I tell Target that cards were for personal use to family member. My computer was locked at this time. I did not go and later it seemed that my PC was unlocked. I contacted my bank this morning. They show no activity on my account involving $3999.99, neither deposit or withdrawal. Names they used during these conversations: Daniel, Peter, Richard Barker-Senior Manager. Recipient Info I quickly jotted down while they were trying to set up Xoom and Western Union: Ramkrishna Pally, Khejurtala Barasat, West Bengal [email protected] Bank of Bagoda, W Bengal Kolkata. acct 27400100015406

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