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Theodore – Oct 02, 2020

Victim Location 23455

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I recently received a text message talking about how to make money by having a car wrap done to advertise for this company. They would send me a check and I would get my car wrapped.

Now initially I would have deleted this but during this COVID crisis money is extremely tight to non-existent. So I text back with my vehicle brand, type and year. I didn’t hear anything back. Until yesterday (10-01-20) I checked my mailbox and had not one but 2 checks for this Company (ZipFizz). So I was so excited! This was happening! But that was short lived. My husband looked it up and it was indeed a scam but that was after I had deposited said checks. Thank god my credit union is on point and caught it before there was any serious repercussions. They froze the deposits and made sure I still had my original money prior to my stupid excitement.

Please do the research before diving into something like this. I know everyone says it but: if sounds to good to be true, then it most likely is.

Mary – Mar 18, 2020

Victim Location 38654

Type of a scam Employment

On 3/10/2020 I recd an email on a job opportunity to advertise their drink – a healthy energy drink – zip fizz. The check for $2,280 was sent via FeEx (overnight). I recd a text msg that stated I should deposit the check in by bank acct. The bank could not get hold of the maker of the check so it could not be cashed. However, I emailed my personal info: Name, address, SSN & DOB on 3/12/2020. I will email copy of the check to the BBB.

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