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Cory – Jan 21, 2021

My boyfriend applied at this “job” after seeing an ad online and we thought it was perfect for him and including all the good benefits and pay we were really excited . But then we noticed only one or two packages would come a day so only 20-40$ a day and we were kind of disappointed at this point . His job was to have packages delivered to him inspect the packages and them send them back out to the address after taking a picture of the item receiving he got them . After two weeks we noticed the slow response from contacting “zooksi” they never sent him a paycheck through mail or to his PayPal account for the packages he did send out . It’s been almost 5 weeks now and they’re still sending stuff to our house and after digging on the internet and not finding anything but this page and now are scared to death of being charged to do with anything this horrible company may have us doing without our knowledge and also after having the company threaten to send a “security team” to our OWN HOME knowing they have our address and all our personal information me and my boyfriend are now deeply afraid and don’t know what to do we sent out the last packages because we wanted them out of our house and nothing to do with them and emailed them several times telling them to STOP sending things to our home they sent 4 more items to our home and we simply just threw them outside because we want nothing to do with fraudulent scammers

Mark – Nov 24, 2020

Victim Location 45237

Type of a scam Employment

I was supposed to receive my commission pay on the 20th of November but I did not receive any pay for my work and I did not receive any pay for commission or pay per package. As per the employee agreement I signed I would hope Zooksi is holding up their end of the agreement which is commission pay is 2500 per month plus $40 pay per package and including bonus pay per package. At this moment Zooksi owes me $3,820. I am filing a complaint with the ScamPulse.com to see if they are able to get my money that I’ve worked so hard for.

Nancy – Nov 21, 2020

Victim Location 48224

Type of a scam Employment

I worked for this company starting September 2nd. I was paid a total of $120 during my 30 day trial period. I reached out to the company in October and advised them that I did not get a check and was told that my probation period ended October 2nd and I would not be getting paid monthly. I should have received a check on November 2nd. I was suppose to be compensated $40 per package that I inspected and sent to be delivered. I inspected a total of 17 packages in the month of October and should have been paid $680. I emailed HR and my inspector supervisor and no one responded or contacted me.

Kristin – Nov 17, 2020

Total Scam, trust your gut and use common sense. No company out there is offering $40 an hour jobs for part time work!

Kelli – Sep 10, 2020

Victim Location 96701

Type of a scam Employment

I had responded to an ad offering a job with benefits that required me to respond to a separate e-mail. These kind of e-mails had been sent to me before always from a completely different e-mail, with similar job titles but the same promise of benefits and working at home. I was, of course, skeptical. Though, I had gotten a response to my e-mail two days later and a phone call for a very brief interview with a man named Stefan. He had virtually no tone in his voice, but some accent. (I don’t remember if I provided my phone number and how that was arranged).

Then, I received a confirmation e-mail for my approval of employment, they had wanted me to print and sign a contract (I have signed, but not sent/shown — I was never asked for it again). The contract had some grammatical errors in it and did not seem professionally written, but i also gave that a benefit of the doubt. The error seemed like something that couldve happened at my old job at a small business, and I was desperate for a job in a new state during this time. Before signing, I had pushed via e-mail to have them answer some questions for me. It was ignored the first time, with a pushback to register my employee account on their website being while also "concerned about [my] development" and "[their] door was always open". In response, I reminded them politely that I had sent an e-mail with questions, and they had responded to them all a day later.

With the employee website, where I could contact a supporting agent via their own IM system, and track the packages coming through, it seemed too complex to be a scam. I had consulted with others since the first e-mail, and everyone I had told was wary, but they had no specific reason to be, outside of a feeling. It was suspicious for a friend of mine, who noticed the New York address was definitely a lie. He had also found the original certificate, with the exact same time stamp, clearly edited with different names. With still no concrete reason to see the job as illegitimate, he advised me to move carefully and I did so by trying to capture any and all interactions. Meanwhile, he was going to stay doing detective work until his curiosity was satisfied. Regardless, I had still handed over a picture of my driver’s license, and filled out and sent a photo of my information on a I-9 and W4 to the Zooksi people as requested.

After re-shipping three packages, the same friend and another had found out that Zooksi may most likely be a fraudulent system that uses stolen credit cards and identities to order items, and use people like me, to scurry the route of the packages. To my knowledge, this information was brought up to me from a list of PayPal’s guidelines.

After knowing this, I immediately reported to the FTC online and possibly another institute (I do not recall), and refused to engage longer with Zooksi. I still received "tasks" to handle new incoming packages, but I am no longer able to log in. Despite this, they have recently sent a large package without my approval, as the system allows. I am not sure what to do with the package.

Victor – Nov 20, 2020

Thanks God I just saw this information, u just being in the same process that you describe I was about to send a pic of the “contract” with my name and address and my signature, have you heard about them? Or anything, now that I know this for sure will not respond thanks❤️

Devin – Sep 09, 2020

Victim Location 06320

Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed by Darla Darla Conner

The email said:

We discovered your CV through staffing agency.

Subsequent to some review, we concluded that you are a suitable applicant for our half-time work position of Quality Inspector taking into account your solid experience and thorough knowledge in the area.

To learn more about the proposed duty assignment, please read over the given below information.

Job type: half-time up to ten work hours per week.

Wage: $2,500 /month plus bonuses.

Position requirements:

– Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader;

– General computer experience;

– Fundamental familiarity with electronics and appliances;

– Physical capability to lift big postal parcels, which are low-weight;

– Previous FedEx or USPS job-related experience is desired, but not necessary.

You will need to ensure customer support, as well as carry postal parcels, arrange them and ship to the Client.

If you are interested in the offered work position, comply with the employment requirement and wish to be admitted into our responsible team, take your chance to respond to this email as soon as possible.

Soon enough, you will get in contact with our HR Manager to set up a job interview in the closest time.

Best regards,

Darla Conner.

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My reply:


I am responding to the solicitation to apply for the position of Quality Inspector. I am interested in the position. When would you be free to have a phone conversation?






Sep 2, 2020, 4:21 PM (7 days ago)

to me

Thanks for showing interest in the Quality Inspector position.

My name is Stefan Wesser. I am the HR Manager from Zooksi LLC and I wish to share further information about the work at hand.

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to work in our company. We are offering amazing salary with flexible schedule. All required instructions provided by our company for free.

We ask that you read the job description attached carefully and consider whether this job truly fits you.

Please complete the online Candidate Application. You may find the link inside the job description document.

Once we receive your application form, company representative will contact you within 24-48 business hours.

We wish you every success.

Please let me know if you have any questions or I can provide any additional information.

Kind regards Stefan Wesser

HR Manager

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After I finished the application I was called by a man claiming to be Stefan Wesser.

He said I would be hearing from HR in a few days.

Then on September 4th HR sent me this:

[email protected] [email protected]


Fri, Sep 4, 1:08 PM (5 days ago)

to me

Greetings [REDACTED]

We reviewed your candidacy and I am pleased to inform you that you have been approved for the position.

We look forward to having you in our team.

The primary responsibilities for this position are:

• Cooperation with international mailing services. Sending and receiving products.

• Examination of goods’ condition, searching for visual defects or damage.

• Product accepting and processing. Ensuring compliance with customers’ requirements.

• Taking photos of the product and uploading them to web application.

• Filling out customs declaration. Documentation support.

• Informing team members and customers about work progress via web application.

The first month of work will be a trial period for you, as well as a period of study. You’ll learn all the aspects of work using our CRM panel and packages handling (receipt, inspection, filling in inspection forms, uploading data, sending

parcels), etc. During the trial period, you will receive $20 per (received /checked / sent) parcel. Payment will be made once a week.

b) After the probation period

You will get $2,500, if will be processed less than 80 packages per month. If you will send more than 80 packages per month, you will get additional $40 per each extra shipped package.

+ $15 for each processed task (if you send it within 24-hours once you receive a shipping label)


Also you will be able to purchase good for you and your family with sale up to


We offer a comprehensive employee benefits program, including health, dental, and life insurance.

You will be eligible for these benefits after you complete your one-month probationary period.

There is an Employment Agreement attached to this message, read it thoroughly , print, sign, put a date, scan or take a photo and email it at: [email protected]

Attachment: Employment Agreement.

Congratulations and welcome to Zooksi LLC !

We look forward for hearing from you soon.

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I filled it out (attached).

Then I was sent a link to log on to the company’s website.

There was a sophisticated HR website. There was a chatroom and a chatbot asked me to complete employee verification so I could get started.

I downloaded an I-9 and W-2.

At this point, I became nervous. I googled "Stefan Wesser" and found nothing. I went to the employee agreement which said that "Zooksi LLC" is registered in New York. I called the Bureau of Corporations in New York. They said it was not registered with them. Next I called the New York County clerks office and they could not find it either. So, I did not fill out the employee verification paperwork. Instead I wrote emails to the HR and Darla.

The Darla email came back "does not exist."

No one responded to my emails to HR.

I called the phone number and it IS associated with Zooksi! I can even hit a certain button for a menu for employees. Then it says "press 2 for quality inspector" that is the job I was offered. I press "2" and then nothing happens.

This is a very sophisticated scam.

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