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Cannaful valley CBD oil Scam or Legit? Check Cannaful valley CBD oil Reviews below.
Haley – Mar 03, 2021

I paid for a “trial” version of the oil and cream at $6.96 each first of January. I received them. Then, a few weeks later I received an email (no company information) saying my order has shipped. I didn’t PLACE an order, so I ignored it. Another bottle of oil showed up. I still did not connect the charges for $119.82 and the oil. I went to the bank to file fraudulent charges for the several charges (four to be exact) of $119.82. My banker told me it was a recurring charge and gave me the phone number to the company. The company name changes from Leading Vital Well Being and Resource Condition Plus. When you call customer service, they do not identify the company name when you call. Their phone number is 1-855-3965.

I WANT to be reimbursed for those FRAUDULENT charges that I supposedly agreed to “by paying the shipping and handling charges of $6.96…” Supposedly, I agreed to try the oil and cream for 14 days and cancel my “subscription” within that time.

EXTREMELY unethical business! RUN AWAY from these products!

Anna – Mar 03, 2021

I also did free trial for 6.96 was then charged for cream I didn’t order. Got a $91.90 charge and a $85.88 charge from them when I called they “canceled my subscription” I never made and would only return half of each charge so I still ended up paying $100. Spread the word and stop them!

Crystal – Mar 03, 2021

Wish I’d read your submission before I fell for the trial 6.96 oil and cream! I’ve gotten hit four times for charges of $119.82 each!

Lori – Mar 01, 2021

I filled out a home depo survey and my reward was CBD oil then a CBD cream also popped up. I thought the $10 charge for shipping each was high but whatever. I never saw anything saying it was a subscription or that there would be future charges or shipments. When I got my bank statement a month later it showed cannaful valley charged me $120 twice. I have no idea why. Now a month later I just got a email saying my next order has been shipped. I emailed them twice telling then I do not want this and I do not authorize them to charge my account. I can not afford this and if they said it would be such an expensive subscription I never would’ve filled anything out! I am sick over this.

Melinda – Feb 28, 2021

The trial of the CBD oil directed me to the cream trial. Both arrived and so did the $199.95 dollar charge for each. This charge nor the subscription was mentioned in the trial documentation on line
I called the telephone number on the charge to my account. Ten minutes of ringing is enough for one day. The next day the call was answered after eight minutes by a third party who cannot help. SCAM. Absolutely

Ashleigh – Feb 20, 2021

This company is a scam! As stated above, the diligently hide the fact that they are going to charge you hundreds a month. I’m trying to get through to cancel before the 18 days their terms says I have. I have called the customer support line 76 times in the last hour and no one answers. The number for arbitration is an adult sex line. The email address doesn’t exist. I’m furious and looking for the correct agency to turn these snake oils men in to. I will be canceling their payment at my bank and hope I don’t have the problems the writer above has!

Hillary – Feb 03, 2021

My mother in law ordered this and within an hour I was like I’m calling to cancel! This has to be a scam and sure enough… customer service is a 3rd party company couldn’t find my order, name, number… nothing. They were quite nice but again 3RD PARTY. He couldn’t even tell me the name of the company she ordered from… so how do you cancel if you’ve been charged but you don’t exist in the system? You don’t. He told me to “refer to my financial institution and put a hold and report the charges…” so now my mother has to do that. I knew it from the get go. SCAM. This company just popped up like 2 months ago and has like 5 other names it does business under.

Savannah – Jan 11, 2021

Victim Location 76018

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Cannaful Valley implied that Anderson Cooper is the owner/founder of this line of CBD oil products. They claimed that this variation worked better than any other oils and products related to cbd. I clicked on the attached link in the article thinking I could research the validity of the information. Instead, I was taken to an offer to get a "trial size" bottle. Unfortunately I decided to accept the offer and entered my personal information and debit card. After I entered my information for the trial size bottle and clicked to submit my order that’s when a second product popped up for CBD cream.

I didn’t want the additional item and declined that offer, or so I thought. Then, a third item popped up, a meditation app, to which I declined that as well. I wanted to just back out of the whole thing but knew I had already entered my personal information and debit card and felt like my information would still be stored for Cannaful Valley to use. So, I reluctantly submitted my order. I then received a confirmation number and total that didn’t match what I thought I ordered. I took a screenshot of the information and saved the article on my Facebook page to refer back to and do some research.

Within seconds of me submitting that order the charges appeared to be pending on my bank account. I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right so I called the customer service number listed on my order. If I had not taken a screenshot of my order I wouldn’t have been able to call them so quickly and cancel my order. The post that I thought I saved on my Facebook page was nowhere to be found!!! My phone call with them lasted 15 minutes because they kept placing me on hold to find my order, which should have been easy since I gave them my confirmation number. After several minutes of back and forth I was told the product had already shipped and I would still be charged. I pushed back and said I would be contacting my bank the following morning to stop the charges and report their company for advertising a fake product on social media. At that point, the lady on the line hesitated for a few seconds then said she removed the charges and any agreement attached that would charge my card monthly!!!

Stacey – Sep 13, 2020

Victim Location 33446

Total money lost $73.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am EXTREMELY upset with this scam!

I sent this email to the above co called cannaful valley CBD oil. I AM not happy with how your ad is so deceitful and does not tell you that there’s an ongoing charge Every month OF OVER $90 to continue receiving one tiny bottle of your CBD oil. UNLESS you cancel within 14 day’s.

In addition I was also charged an addl $6.94 charge on my debit card from a company called PERFECTS SOLUTION TREATMENT for a cream I did NOT ORDER and I WAS ALSO CHARGED $60.07 on my DEBIT card from a company called BOUNCED PLANT for WHAT?? !!! I HAVE NO IDEA???

I think this entire way of promoting your product is unacceptable and illegal!

I will be reporting your company for fraud to the and posting this ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!

I just called your company and although your email says they will email you with delivery details I Never GOT THAT EMAIL NOR DID I GET MY CBD OIL THAT you said Was delivered!

I have been charged $6.96 for this supposed Free cannuful CBD oil which was supposed to be for the shipping charges plus your co charged me $6.94 for a CBD cream that I did NOT ORDER AND I COULD NOT REMOVE It FROM MY ORDER EITHER!!!

In addition I WAS CHARGED $60.07 from a company in Utah Called “bounced plant” which was charged to my account immediately after I placed this sample order. That co name was on my chase acct and was called BOUNCED PLANT!! Are they affiliated to your scam co too?


My bank had to CANCEL MY Debit card which was very upsetting as I had NO WAY TO CHARGE ANYTHING OR TAKE MONEY OUT OF MY BANK acct.

I now have to wait for a new debit card which could take a week and I now have to go to all my bills that I used this debit card for and resubmit my NEW DEBIT CARD. Plus after calling your company and spoke to a cust service rep you told me you delivered my CBD oil. Which I NEVER GOT AND THAT CHARGE IS STILL ON MY Card! I am so very upset!


After speaking to your customer service dept and explaining my situation and the fact that I never got my CBD oil you HUNG UP ON ME!

Your co will be hearing from my Atty.

Micah – Feb 12, 2021

Hello, were you notified of the trial through a Pay Pal rewards survey? I was and I’m wondering if mine is a scam too. Just to be safe I cancelled my Pay Pal and messaged them to warn their members of a possible scammer claiming to be them.

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