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Alicia – Mar 01, 2021

Ordered hand chain saw only got chain! No return label how do I get a refund! Anybody reading my complaint please help me with options.

Ian – Feb 09, 2021

I ordered Stihl mini chainsaw, got a piece of chain with two handles.
I´m just wondering, why a big company like PAYPAL let them use their company?

Katelyn – Feb 04, 2021

i bougth a crimp clamp for 27,90 € an i received an handfull of electric tips. I complaint receiving a 10% of the sum to refund the damage. Facebook and paypal shound band them! MAX

Desiree – Jan 23, 2021

Got me too ordered battery operated chainsaw *jkynetworkt su chr 1.14 international trans fee and 37.98 for saw on Jan 15 location 4029357733 got no confirmation # back or shipping tracking number [email protected]

Brenda – Jan 19, 2021

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered a handheld chainsaw. Never arrived. £60.97 deducted from my account 23 11 20

Sheila – Jan 10, 2021

Scammer’s phone 0618482167

Scammer’s address 126 LOT LA TUILIERE 19310 BRIGNAC

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Bonjour je vous ai acheté 1 coupe bois à piles 2020 hot selling gta26 pour 79,99€ le 08/11/2020 après l avoir utilisé pour couper 4 branche de 4cm environ il ne fonctionne plus. que faisons nous? je tiens a préciser que publicité mensongère car présenté comme un produit de marque stihl ce qui n ai pas le cas.

Jermaine – Jan 08, 2021

Me and my family bought a drone for about $40 and they said it was the best drone on the market. It supposed to come with a camera and have an app but no app info and I looked where the cam wa and it w[censored]low.

Evan – Jan 06, 2021

As Christmas gift, I ordered the Battery Operated Chain Saw From JKY Network Technology for $29.99. Seems that the product of choice to send are the hand held chain pull saw or a wire pull saw. Sorry I never thought to look for reviews/comments till too late and get caught in this SCAM…Will contact my bank/credit card co and see if they will help.

Patrick – Jan 05, 2021

Anne Georger: As Christmas gifts, I ordered the Battery Operated Chain Saw From JKY Network Technology for $29.99. Just finished an email to the resolution center of Paypal..after reading these comments -I don’t hold out much hope for a good resolution..seems that the product of choice to send are the hand held chain pull saw or a wire pull saw.I also ordered one from another Co. OUYI Group Limited for $19.99.. never got either Battery Powered Chain Saws…Sorry I never thought to look for reviews/comments till too late and get caught in this SCAM…Will contact my bank/credit card co and see if they will help..Will also let facebook know…Buyer Beware…low life Companies..and probably two of many…

Francisco – Jan 02, 2021

I ordered four STIHL GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutters, ( 2 orders of 2 each time) I was sammed and sent 2 chains each time. I paid with paypal. When this happened they told me to return the chains , which I have still in the package. It cost more too return them to china than they cost. I cannot believe they are allowed on face book to advertise for STIHL products and continu
e to scam people

Brad – Dec 31, 2020

I to ordered the Stihl chainsaw and received the chain with two wood handles . I can’t believe that facebook still lets them sell on their site, that pay pal lets charges for them to still go through. They sure have made a fortune off all of us.

Allen – Dec 27, 2020

Bait and switch scam
. They advertise wood cutters for $29.99 ordered 2 extra batteries. Got generic batteries that I can’t use, no cutters. Paypal wasn’t much help. Changed dispute wording and then denied claim. After jumping through hoops did get reimbursed for 1. After 15 corresponding email, Company still pretended they didn’t understand. Very disappointed in PayPal. They are certainly not for the consumers.

Matthew – Dec 26, 2020

I oredered an “Automatic Pasta Maker” but the company sent a cheap plastic noodle press. The 2 products are very different, the one they sent was just a plastic plunger & may be worth $10 at most.

I went back to them asking for the product I had ordered or a full refund. They offered a 10% then 15% discount but I refused both as the product they sent was of no use to me.

The company then came back saying I had ordered the noodle press which is not correct as my payment advice from PayPal clearly states “Automatic Pasta Maker”

They asked me to send photos of the product I received which I sent them.

They then sent me this email

Dear Customer,
Thank you for ordering products in our shop.
We have received your feedback about the order issue.
Sorry to follow up your order status so late.
We will verify your order and resolve it as soon as possible.

PS:We are a small company, and especially after the COVID-19 outbreak,,we have face so serious financial problem.

This not acceptable they can’t expect people to be happy with the wrong product which I’m sure they sent knowing it was wrong hoping I would accept a discount.

I suspect I am not the only one they have tried this on.

If nothing is done they will just keep doing this to others.

Danielle – Dec 24, 2020

Ordered a GTA 26 Battery-Powered Manual Chainsaw that I saw on Facebook. I received a chain with two black mesh handles for $69.94 When I asked for my money back, they said their leader was willing to provide me with a 10% refund compensations or that I give it to suitable relatives and friends. I contacted my credit card company to recoup my monies. The problem is that they are using brand names, in this case, STIHL and another time, they were using HSN ads. There is no way to tell if I’m getting scammed until they directly take the money out and I look at the bank statement of Paypal. There has got to be some way to catch these people. They are crooks and deserve to go to jail.

Dana – Dec 18, 2020

I purchased two battery powered chain saws and received two chains and a strap.

Lindsay – Dec 18, 2020

We ordered a battery wood cutter chain saw with extra battery. All we got was the extra battery. contacted the company they said we ordered the battery. paid 46.98.
the saw was 39.99 and the extra battery 9.98. I ask for a full refund. They refuse. But would give a discount on my next order. Still in dispute. This is definitely a scam.

Brittney – Dec 17, 2020

[email protected] This email address links in to a host of other companies that are scamming people in the US, England, France and Germany and probably elsewhere too. There are multiple Chinese companies with names like YT Network Technology Co LTD (others I found have different first letters like: JKY, IFSL, SHIXI, LEITE, CMH, etc.) YT is doing business as “Superyung” and advertising “Stihl” battery powered chainsaws. They deliver a manual chain with nylon handles! Then, when you submit a dispute to Paypal or your Credit Card Company [email protected] takes over customer service using a Zendesk customer service application and the name “Pony Green”. Pony offers you discounts, increasing with each email message, to keep the product that you did not order and tells you returning it will be very expensive ($20 for an item for which you paid $29.99 plus $8 shipping) because you need to return it to China.
In my case the company did not have permission to sell the “Stihl” chainsaw or to use its name and images. Stihl has been notified and is consulting with the authorities
The horror here is that they just keep creating new companies and offering different products using the same scam! It will take a lot more than messages on websites to crack down on these goons!

Maggie – Dec 17, 2020

Ordered battery operated sew for $29.99 what I got was a chain
Paypal denied claim said there was a tracking #
This is Fraud

Edward – Dec 17, 2020

Purchased two Powered Wood Cutter – Outdoor Portable Carbon Steel Chain Saws.
CMH Network Technology Co. sent me two Chain saw chains. I email them and they insisted that they sent the right merchandise. They charged me $29.99 each. So they charged my credit card $74.97. I got InTouch with paypal and they denied my case. Maybe if everyone gets together and files a case with the USPS as mail fraud and let the post office take care of it.

Molly – Dec 16, 2020

Je suis inquiète après une commande passée le 9 novembre 2020, je n’ai toujours rien reçu?
n° de transaction:4LJ678239F500823G
j’ai envoyé un paiement de 36,98euros.
29.99 EUR + 6.99 EUR de livraison et frais de dossier.
36,98 EUR envoyé à CMH Network Technology Co Ltd.
Je suis comme la personne qui dit avoir reçu uns chaîne, je suis dans le même cas.
Je ne suis pas arrivée à joindre l’entreprise…
Pouvez vous me tenir au courant.
Dans l’attente d’une réponse,
Soit je suis livrée, soit je demande le remboursement.
Mon prochain courrier sera mis en copie avec l’association des consommateurs.

Brigitte Falcot

Jacob –

I ordered the Battery-Powered Wood Cutter with these crook CMH Network Technology Co Ltd, after many emails I finally received a package smaller than my palm, when I opened, it was only a small chains for the said chainsaw. I’ve disputed with Paypal and they are claiming that I ordered the wrong item from the options. I clearly ordered the right item from their video advertisement with the clear title “Battery-Powered Wood Cutter”, Paypal is responsible for letting these crooks sell scam items through their platform.
I finally got PayPal to address this issue and the best they could do was to get CMH Network Technology Co Ltd to offer a full refund of $37.98 ONLY AFTER I ship AT MY COST the hand chain back and CMH Network Technology Co Ltd will refund the $37.98 once they receive the incorrectly shipped product. The best cost to ship back to CMH Network Technology Co Ltd was $90 which TOTALLY DEFEATS the purpose.

PayPal – THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FRAUD and YOU MUST Address this and get your customers either the Products they were promised or get the customers a FULL REFUND INCLUDING any SHIPPING CHARGES that may be required.

PayPal – Take Action Immediately or risk loss of customers.

CMH Network Technology Co Ltd – YOU are a DISGRACE to all Legitimate Companies that serve their customer honestly and with integrity.

Virginia –

I to was scammed buy [email protected]

I ordered the GTA26 battery powered chainsaw from and only received a nylon handle pull manually chainsaw. (Ugh!)

I think what they do is send anything so they can get a positive delivery confirmation & then say you opened the package and is trying to scam them to get another one.

That’s it…if it’s not located in the US & don’t have legitimate contact info I’m not dealing with them.


Eric –

I ordered the battery operated saw for my husband for Christmas.
Ordered it on November 7th 2020 . Tried to contact them with no luck.
Then I found this site. Don’t order from the A’s it will s a scam .
I don’t understand how Pay Pal knowing this let’s the payment go through.
Now I have to deal with them .

Maria –

I ordered and paid for a GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter Extra Battery all I received was the battery. It is a scam and I am disappointed in Pay Pal that they continue to allow these people to do business throught them. They offered to credit me the cost if I return the battery at my cost. I want the product I paid for not another payment out of my pocket with a hope of be credited.This all happen on Oct.15, 2020.

Pamela –

I too fell victim to these scammers. “Pony Green” the supposed customer service rep for CMH says that I ordered the wrong thing… it’s my fault that I received 2 small chains instead of the battery operated chainsaw. I requested my money back. First “she” offered me a 10% refund and when I again requested a full refund “she” increased it to 15%. Meanwhile I’ve filed a complaint with PayPal. They seem to be spinning their wheels waiting for further information from CMH. I’m really disappointed with PayPal for obviously continuing to partnership with such a scam company. And Facebook too for giving this company a platform to continue to rip off innocent consumers. My next correspondence will be with the Consumer Protection Agency. And I will have a lot to say!

Hannah –

Facebook ad. battery-powered chain saw. received notification item shipped along with tracking number but no name of the carrier. tracking number unrecognizable to all major shipping companies.looks like I will dispute the transaction with my bank. TDK

Ian –

Scammer’s phone 7172011713

Scammer’s address 260 Clearview Rd

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I bought 3 chainsaws for my family for Christmas. I have now found out that I have been scammed. They took my money and did not give me my items. I believed adds on Facebook were legitimate and they were backed by Facebook and you didn’t have to worry about such things happening to you. Facebook should take the responsibility for this false advertisement and reimburse all who have been scammed

Dominique –

I just realized that I have been scammed. I bought 3 chain saws for my family for Christmas. Now what do I do. I am bedridden and have to do my shopping on line and I thought these would be an excellent gift for my girls to handle in their respected yards. What a disappointment to me and many other people. Why does Facebook allow this to happen. I thought they stood behind their advertisements and you didn’t have to worry about something like this happening. Facebook lost all their credibility from me. Now will PayPal stand behind their guarantee?

Angel –

On October 23, 2020 I ordered a wood cutter, my visa account was charged $37.98
Invoice #c17536916095155.1
Transaction ID9EL70466TB9309
made at 5:36 PM

My PayPal was charged 37.98 never received
Do I file a complaint against your company?

Sandra –

I ordered two GTA 26 Battery- powered Wood Cutters. And all I got was 2 chains with nylon straps on each end of chains. I would like the battery powered wood cutters I ordered or my money back $65.97. I am really upset .It was for my sons Christmas. .I tried contacting WEMYTIC but there was no way other than to order .So I contacted Pay pal. And that is how I am able to contact you.

Jerry –

I have had the EXACT SAME SCAM happen to me. I ordered the hand held chain saw 9 weeks ago, Oct 17 2020, and HAVE NOT received it. I gave this company the benefit of the doubt with shipping because of COVID. After reading the rest of these complaints, I have now realized that the STUPID pouch I received a few weeks ago, with a chain in it, was THIS HORRIBLE SCAM! I was trying to figure out what the chain was when I received it, and now I know what it is. What a TOTAL RIPOFF! This is against Law, and there should be many safeguards in place for SCAM companies like this so they CAN NOT keep LIEING and RIPPING people OFF. I DID NOT order a chain! I ordered the hand held chain saw. I filed a dispute with PAYPAL and I want a FULL REFUND NOW. LETS GO PAYPAL! I have been with PAYPAL for MANY years and have not had any problems with refunds. I want a TOTAL REFUND!

Cody –

Unfortunately, I fell into this trap of false advertisement and Pay Pal sponsored fraud. I purchased, what I thought, was two battery operated hand chainsaws as advertised. In return, I received the opposite. I will do what I can to get my money back. Until then, I won’t stop in my efforts to expose this POS company and their attempts to rip off the innocent.

Jacqueline –

I ordered a portable battery powered chain saw in the amount of $37.98 I just received a chain w/ a pouch . This is really a scam

Leonard –

On Nov 2, 2020 I ordered the Battery-Powered Wood Cutter with these crook CMH Network Technology Co Ltd, after many emails I finally received a package smaller than my palm, when I opened, it was only a small chains for the said chainsaw. I’ve disputed with Paypal and they are claiming that I ordered the wrong item from the options. I clearly ordered the right item from their video advertisement with the clear title “Battery-Powered Wood Cutter”, Paypal is responsible for letting these crooks sell scam items through their platform.

Clayton –

I ordered a “2020 Hot Selling GTA 25 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter- I paid $40.98
It has never arrived. The order was placed November 7 2020.
I did receive a chain but I did not receive the
Battery Powered Wood Cutter.. What happened? I need this tool!
Karen A. Kuckreja, Email: [email protected] Bakersfield, CA 93312

Zachary –

As far as this chain saw scam, which I also fell for, I think that Facebook and PayPal are also culpable. They have done nothing about this companies crimes against their customers.
It would be no surprise to me to find that these entities are being remunerated for their role in this scam.

Kellie –

On November 12, 2020 I saw the AD on facebook for “2020 HOT SELLING -GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutter – OUTDOOR” along with video showing saw at work. I ordered 3 of these saws for $89.97 total thru PayPal. I quickly canceled the order via email to the company after receiving notice from VISA they tried to double dip my account but VISA only paid once the $89.97. Today I received 3 chains and NO saws.
What a scam. Now trying to get my money back with return of chains.

Derek –

I ordered the chainsaw small though it was it would be perfect for trimming little trees around our house. I got nothing except a chain and what good is the chain without something to put it on.. lauraine j. Dec. 8, 2020 I ordered mine on Oct. 20, 2020. And because my husband’s not able to get out there with the trees I thought this was absolutely perfect for me. I am very upset because I was so excited.

Kendra –

I ordered a 2020 Hot Selling GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutter which showed it was a Name Brand STHL I never received the product and now find out it is ALL A SCAM. I have notified the company with no response. Paypal is no help at all. This company is a FRAUD. Please do not send them your money.

Carrie –

On 2nd October I among many this year have been SCAMMED by CMH Network Technology.
Paid via paypal £36.98 for a mini battery operated chainsaw. NO SUCH THING A BIG SCAM.
BUYER BEWARE …Complained to ebay – they are so BIG that we the CUSTOMER are NOT important.
So be very careful this company is making 10s of thousands of pounds on a BIG SCAM ,..

Melanie –

Well I guess my solace will be to know that I am not the only one that has been cheated by these crooks. I also got a manual chain instead of the lithium ion powered Stihl mini chain saw advertised on my “free” smartphone’s antivirus Avast! So I consider this company the first responsible for these scams for not checking the seriousness of the businesses that make their publicity on their website.
I should have been cautious when I paid and these “people” asked for a tip going from 1€50 to 10€…!
Supposedly one can complain to PayPal… I’ll give a try
To be precise the email used for the “transaction” is [email protected]
Date of purchase Nov 20th 2020 at 5h14’58” PST
PayPal invoice :c13438351769738. 1
Product description :
2020 Hot selling – GTA =29.99€
26 Batterie triebesser Hölzfäller
Tragbare Kohlenstahlkette
Transport fee 6.99 €
Tip! 1€50
Total =38.48 €

Donald –

I did not get the chainsaw just a chain in a pouch. Total scam

Abigail –

my experience has been horrable. I have not received my purchase.

Alana –

Did not get the battery powered chain saw- got a chain instead in a pouch

Danielle –

We have the same problem, got a chain with strap on each end

Grant –

I, too, have the same problem. However, I noticed that the item that I ordered, the full battery operated chain saw was not listed on the confirmation notice I received. I tried calling the phone number listed and left a voice mail. This was on 10-21-2020 the same day I placed the order and told them to cancel it. I then sent an email the same day to cancel the order. I called my credit card company the same day and placed a stop order on the payment and they did so. I tried calling paypal and no one picks up the call, they state they are very busy and to use their automated system which is no help or their website which is only slightly better. Instead of canceling my order the company just gave me the run around until they shipped the item. I finally received the address to ship it back to, but they didnt give me a correct company name to use with the address. Once I get that info I will check with the post office for the cost and then get whatever reimbursement I can from PayPal. I have learned my lesson and will never again order anything from a company that I dont know anything about.

Tabitha –

As in all of these other complaints I ordered 2 saws and recieved 2 hand held chains for $65.97. Someone needs to stop this ad. You want me to ad more to this complaints ok. I will not give up until I get my money back and you are out of business. I have free legal service and will use it.

April –

I have been scan by CMH Network
And it seem PayPal ain’t going to do anything about it. I ordered this in October 23 for a Christmas present and I tried to get a hold of them no address or anything to get through them HELP

Christy –

I also order 3 battery wood cutter for 27$ each the company said I order the chains . REALLY I may be old but i would never pay 27$ for a hand chain. Ive been trying since Nov to get this settled , No luck so far.

Melinda –

This Company needs serious investigation, why is PayPal allowing this fraud to continue?
I have returned my chain to CMH Network Technologies by DPD tracking and have paid £27 for the service. I now find PayPay will only refund £15 of the postage and I have little hope of actually receiving a refund for the £39.40 I paid, for a chain I never ordered in the first place!
I have decided to do this in the hope that PayPal will be made to stop all future transactions being made by this fraudulent Company.

Claudia –

I was scammed by the chain saw deal. This company REFUSES to send me the return address, so I can return the item. They offered me $4.00! RU Shi— me.
I will not let go. I have contacted the FBI. This must STOP. I am lucky as I contacts at FBI.

Kristopher –

I ordered the chainsaw for yardwork I need to do. Some lousy deal. The chainsaw blade came but no chainsaw. What a RIP off deal! Receipt from PayPal clearly states the chainsaw was ordered. The blade is completely useless without the machine. False advertising and a waste of money. My chainsaw should be sent as that’s what I ordered.

Victoria –

I ordered the chainsaw for yardwork I need to do. Some lousy deal. The chainsaw blade came but no chainsaw. What a RIP off deal! Receipt from PayPal clearly states the chainsaw was ordered.

Billy –

Horrible! I also ordered two of the battery operated chain saw and was sent a manual one instead. Paypal are as bad as CMH. Can anyone do anything to get our money back. Company should be sued by Stihl for false advertising as well. How did they get away with this ad to be shown so often on Facebook!

Yolanda –

You did not send the product I ordered. If you will look at the order (#5508), a copy of which is below, in large bold letters it plainly says 2020 HOT SELLING GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter. The order even shows a picture of the correct item! Underneath that description someone has add OUTDOOR PORTABLE CARBON STEEL CHAIN, which I did NOT add.

Rachel –

Mine is the same problem

Andres –

We purchased 2 small battery powered chain saws in November. What we received was 2 pieces of chainsaw with a handle attached to the ends. Not at all what was advertised or expected. I do not want to rub a piece of chainsaw against a limb hoping that some day the limb will be cut off. This is a definite scam. They deserve to serve jail time.

Ross –

I was also scammed by CMH Network. I ordered 2 wood cutters for Xmas gifts. What I got was 2 chains in pouches. I want what I ordered. $65.97 out the window!

Jimmy –

I ordered a pair of “battery Powered wood cutters”. What I received was a couple of lengths of chainsaw chain with nylon strap loops on the ends. For this I paid $59.98? I am going to seek restitution through PayPal and through Visa.

Jesus –

THANK YOU. HERE IS INFOR ON ORDER INCLUDING INVOICE #. 2020 HOT SELLING-GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter – Reflective hand protection gloves
$29.99 USD 2 $59.98 USD
Subtotal $59.98 USD
Shipping and handling $5.99 USD
Total $65.97 USD
Payment $65.97 USD
Payment sent to [email protected]
Payment sent from [email protected]
Funding Sources Used (Total)
PayPal MasterCard® $65.97 USD
Invoice ID: c17647444295859.1

Mandy –

I also was taken by this outfit. I still have the 2 chain saw blades with pouches. I contacted them and they refused to send instructions for return. I have also filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney Generals office. I have also sent a dispute to my credit card company. They said that I will be credited for my purchase and handle the problem.

Nathan –

On November 5, 2020 I purchased what I thought was a battery powered mini chainsaw. What I got was a bicycle chain with loops on each end to hold.I paid $40.98. This was a scam. I want my money back. Robert Harkness. 2388 Seville Dr., Okemos, MI 48864.

Corey –

I have the same problem ordered a Mimi Battery Powered Chain saw and received a Chain Saw Chain with straps on both ends, what a scam, I got a email from them telling me that if I wanted to send back the item I have to pay for the shipping and It is from Hong Kong as I found out and all they would give me back is 10% of what I paid for it, not worth sending back

Kristopher –

I am also a customer who ordered the handheld battery powered chain saw and I also received a chain in a black pouch in the mail. These people are just ripping people off and the ones who can do something about it are just ignoring the ones who have been cheated out of their money. My transaction purchase was on October 25, 2020 for a total of $38.48 to CMH Network Technology Co., Ltd. Those of you who are running this just remember God sees exactly what you are doing and He will repay you for all of your wrong doing to His people.

Donald –

Same here, tricked with the “Hot Selling Battery-Powered Cutter for not 59.99 but 29.99! Got a chain that’s not attached to the battery-powered saw! So deceitful, I guess they got me. But I will hurt their, and PayPal’s business, before this is over unless I get at least the 29.99 back. Funny thing is I didn’t even offer to send it back (it’s garbage as far as I’m concerned) and they already warned me about return shipping costs, even though they shipped it for 7.99…

Curtis –

I ordered two battery operated chainsaws for Christmas gifts and received two chains with straps on the ends. Must be a scam and I’m out the money.

Shaun –

Ordered a battery operated saw and recieved a chain with 2 straps. Tried to cancel order and was told I would have to wait till delivered to get an authorization number because the address o package no return there

Mindy –

I ordered 3 2020 Hot Selling GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter- I received 3 of the chains.. I need these for gifts. When can i get them? Your Invoice # c17512937685163.1 Through PayPal

Troy –

I ordered two battery powered chain saws and got two chains on a strap. The box that says shop now is on the page of the power saw. I hit by now under the picture and description of the saw and got two chains on strap.

Dale –

Ialso ordered the battery operated chain saw and was sent a manual one instead. Paypal are as bad as CMH. Can anyone do anything to get our money back. Company should be sued by Stihl for false advertising as well. How did they get away with this ad to be shown so often on Facebook?

Jacqueline –

I also ordered portable battery chain saw for gifts. Received chain with handle at each end. Requested RNA immediately and told them web ads were deceitful. They have not in a month given me an address to return product too, or return number, though told me to find person who could use the chain. Still waiting for an answer. Horrible site. and communication.

Joy –

I also received a chain with two ends encased in fabric, my husband says it’s for campers to put it around shrubs and work it back and forth to cut, what a joke, was looking forward to a small saw! Rip off! Pay pal says to get a hold of the seller, says on line seller out of rialto, Calif. Don’t know if that’s a real place? Pay pal should take action on this. Also ordered a portable electric torch wrench, haven’t even seen or heard anything about that, not been quite a month, coming on a slow boat I guess, last time I will ever deal with overseas companies, was a mistake.

Derek –

I, too, received a “chain” with “handles – far cry from a power saw.
Is there any way to get reimbursed? Can any one own up to this scam and refund our money? Has anyone been successful in contacting anyone from the company?

Micah –

Add me to the list as well, I’ve been scammed too. I am Robert Walker, I just received a chain in a pouch from Online Seller, 1800 140th Ave E, Sumner, Wa. 98390. I paid $38 for a portable battery powered saw and got a chain. Who do I call and complain to? How can we stop these people, and get our money back?

Christie –

I purchased a Battery Powered Wood Cutter-Outs
Door Portable Carbon Steel Chain…$29.99 plus $7.99 shipping. Total payment they PayPal was $37.98. What I got was a cheap chain with orange handle straps on each end. What a piece of junk! Does anyone know how to contact this company?

Levi –

Same as many others scammed guys, I ordered a 24V battery powered chainsaw and payed 37,98 euro for it. I never received but got a small parcel with an insignificant and unuseful handsaw with zero value. I wrote them and they keep telling me I did receive what I did order. I asked for a refund but stated that they would give only 20% (which (for sure) I will never get. This is a real scam!
I have written a complain’s letter to the Chinese Embassy in my Country, asking to take action against this fraudolent company

Jose –

I did order on line a 24V electric chain saw, Litium battery and was charged 37,98 euro for it on PayPal . All I received was an insignificant unusable hacksaw which zero value. I’m going sent a letter to the Chinese embassy with my complains, reporting what kind of bad image that, China through such a Companies , spreads WW, an image that harms the thousands of serious Chinese Companies working in online sales system. I will ask the Chinese Government to take action against CMH Network Technology Co., Ltd
I’m agree that Facebook, PayPal, Shopify will permanently delete this fraudulent company still legally scam buyers on their platforms

Kari –

I too experienced fraud from this company. Just received a small chain in the mail. Just as the others did. CMH NETWORK TECHNOLOGY IS A SCAM operation.

Teresa –

I ordered a hand held chainsaw from duaismen. They charged me x2. Several emails between us. No mention from them of correcting extra charge. The item they told me was lost at customs. I immediately reported them to my credit card company and yes I used paypal. DON’T FALL FOR THIS CRAP LIKE THAT I DID.

Nicholas –

I order a chain saw on line and was charged for it on PayPal and all I received was a chain in a little black bag. And was charged twice for it. How do I get my money back?Why does PalPal pay a company that is scamming people.?

Erin –

Werbung läuft bei Facebook ich habe eine automatische nudelmaschine bestellt und habe eine billige Plastikspresse im Wert von 5 Euro bekommen und 29.90 Euro bezahlt von PayPal bin ich enttäuscht , diese Firma Betrügt und ich muss einen Beweis dafür haben

Phillip –

Hier hast du deinen Beweis.
Diesen Link habe ich an Paypal geschickt und gesagt das ich ein Rückgabe Recht habe. Ich habe mein Geld zurück bekommen und die Versandkosten hat Paypal übernommen. Bin total zufrieden.

Ross –

I’m sending my order info cathyDurman
cdsassyc[email protected]
Unable to find out where my order is. I tried to find a tracking number by going to the website . Unable to click on”My account” I sent email, No responded. Decided to check with PayPal to see if they had any info about the website and I want to know how recieved the money I paid for my order. I hadn’t heard from PayPal get but I did see that my payment went to this company called. CMH NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO. Ltd. Apparently it’s a fraudulent company. Now I want to know how to get my money back! Who can I contact and complain to? I want answers! Why is PayPal sending out money to a fraudulent company? I’m sending screenshots of my order with this Duaismen website.

Carl –

We fell for the chainsaw scam too. We got a chain in a black pouch. That advertisement was very misleading. We are trying now to get a refund. I wish you all good luck.

Carlos –

wemytic products will not sell if the company only sends customer the chain only and not the wood cutter. that is a bad rep to have on products company wants to sell. help us all and refund us our money or send us the products. check all order and confirm with email IF they received the product or NOT.

Terry –

I order a wood cutter for a long time and paypal has taken the money out already for this order. I just received a package yesterday and it was only THW CHAIN INSIDE. WHERE IS THE WOOD CUTTER SAW.PLEASE credit my account is this a SCAM on item they did not ship and took my money. this is NOT right. [email protected] want my GTA- @^ Battery wood cutter now. ripping off customers be ware with this wemytic products.

Amber –

I ordered a chain saw and all I got was a chain. I want my money back! This is a scam!

Amy –

I ordered a battery powered handsaw and received only a small chain. Be very careful everyone as this is a scam. I am trying to get a refund and we will see what response I get.

Peter –

You Won”t.
I have been trying for a month to get them to respond and no dice. We’ve been taken.

Dale –

Scammer’s phone +1 (323) 916-8199

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered a portable Stihl battery operated chainsaw, and received a length of chainsaw chain with straps on the ends! I want my money back!

Joel –

I ordered the Stihl portable chain saw and I received a length of chain saw chain with a strap on each end that fits into a pouch.

Frank –

I also ordered the battery operated chain saw and was sent a manual one instead. Paypal are as bad as CMH

Kristina –

I ordered a battery powered chain saw and got only the chain with a strap. I contacted PayPal to dispute the charge. The picture was very deceiving and I was very disappointed with this transaction. I will also contact my credit card company to make sure my account is credited back for the full original charge. I do no mind returning the chain at their expense.

Stephanie –

I was scammed by this” company “. I ordered a battery powered chain saw for trimming limbs. Received a chain .. with a strap on each end and a carrying case . I have contacted them. No response.

Natasha –

A mi también me estafaron con el mismo procedimiento. Compra de una sierra eléctrica con bateria y recibí una cadena de motosierra

Colleen –

I ordered a battery operated chain saw and rec’d a cheap hand saw! This is such a scam!

Kimberly –

I ordered a Sthil GTA 26 battery powered chainsaw which I never received. I wrote them and they keep telling me I did receive it. I asked for a refund but stated that they would give only 20%. The bad part is Pay Pal knows that this company scams people but still continues to do busi5with them.

Tasha –

We need to she PayPal !

Patrick –

On Sept 25th 2020 order#4861 CSYOY from Spotify Facebook ads that actually paid by PayPal with merchant “CMH Network Technology Co Ltd” [email protected] $59.98 for “2 of automatic pasta maker machine” then received “ 2 small hand plastic toys” which look very cheap quality like dollars tree item. I emailed back and forth with them asking for returns because I didn’t receive what I ordered as descriptions and pictures , they using different emails from above like “ [email protected], [email protected] …) to reply asking me to pay shipping return over $40 to Hong Kong which take over a month for shipping or accept the compensation $10 then donated items to charity… these sales tactics can’t be accepted, which show this company scammed, so I contact my bank to report but they solved the case in seller favor because they proved that they had tracking number that order already delivered. Which made me feel so mad that I won’t let scammers get away like that, I believe they did the same things with other as well. We should report to FBI and file lawsuit class of action against Facebook, PayPal, Shopify to let this fraudulent company still legally scam buyers on their platforms. Contact me if anyone have any idea how to track down this company.“ Getaluck2 at Gmail “

Albert –

I ordered a battery operated hand held chain saw. I received a little chain in a pouch!

Bridget –

I was lead to believe I was ordering a battery operated chainsaw not a handheld chain I never recieved my saw I paid with PayPal

Cassandra –

I also ordered the battery operated chain saw and was sent a manual one in stead.
This is a typical bait and switch !

Frederick –

Me also! SCAM! WTH! Paid with PayPal. So sad and disappointment it was going to be a Christmas present for my husband. Not battery operated by no means. I’m reporting to BBB.

Lucas –

Heb een batterij gekocht maar ze past niet kan ik die retourneren?(GTA 26 Features)
Alvast bedankt

Andrea –

I ordered a woodcutter and not received it, instead, they just sent me a chain and a pouch I’m £65.95 out of pocket and cannot find an address or phone number
Purchase details 2020 HOT SELLING-GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter – OUTDOOR PORTABLE CARBON STEEL CHAIN (Qty 2) £59.98 GBP Postage £5.99 GBP Total £65.97 GBP
Invoice ID c14930712297624.1

Kathryn –

I had the same thing happen to me On October 22, 2020. Also sent me a chain in a pouch. And I emailed them 3 times then on fourth it stoped going through was sent back as unable to send. Same exact thing 26 Battery Powered wood cutter.

Kristi –

I ordered the chain saw $29.99 also and the drill for $29.99. I began looking into my order today because I wanted a tracking number and it being nowhere!
[email protected]

Cristina –

Ordered base plug covers with led lights got nothing. A rip off and pay pal just sets on their a— know it is a scam outfit.

Dylan –

Ad was totally misleading. Ordered electric power saw on ad video and got a small chain in a pouch. Obviously a scam.

Sean –

Screw China. They think Americans are stupid Hmmmm…Maybe we are We got taken.

Felicia –

I also ordered the mini portable chain saw and got those chain with cloth I had ordered 2 and got 2 of these I filed with paypal to get resolve or money back

Samuel –

STAY AWAY! My story seems to be a lot like some others. I ordered a automatic pasta machine and received a plastic piece of junk! NOTHING like what was advertised!

Theresa –

I ordered a wood cutter and not received it, instead they just sent me a chain and a pouch I’m £37.78 out of pocket and cannot find a address or phone number

Ernest –

Aaah this makes sense now… PayPal knocked me back saying I received the item and I said I have not.. but did get the same with no details about the sender or paperwork

Julie –

On October 24 2020,I ordered a battery powered wood cutter saw. The pay pal transaction described it a a battery powered wood cutter saw. On November 14, 2020 I received a chain with a cloth handle on each side. The video demonstration said it was a mini handheld rechargeable chain saw and showed the demonstration of it cutting wood. I emailed the seller to the email provided to pay pal. All the reviews have not gotten any results from their efforts to resolve the problem!
I have enclosed a picture of what I received.

Spencer –

Got screwed on this too. Same crap they sent you.

Angela –

Country United Kingdom

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered 2 2020 Hot Selling-GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood cutter machines Total cost £65:97 with posage. Paid with my paypal account. I received 2 small hand chains nothing to do with the GTA battery wood cutting machine. Asked for a refund the say i got what i ordered and would not refund my money. I have taken a claim case against the company through paypal. waiting for response.

Crystal –

This is what PayPal sent me
Item not received – claimCASE CLOSED
Case ID: PP-D-88829528

The case was closed in the seller’s favor as the seller-provided a valid proof of delivery.
they sent 2 chains in a pouch with no information about who it was from or how to return.

Kayla –

Same experience,; I saw the promotion for a hand held battery operated chainsaw, and received a chain in the mail with 2 fabric handles. Total scam, and PayPal should be able to discern these kinds of scams. Bottom line is buyer beware. I was able to work with my credit card company to get reimbursed for the online scam perpetrated by CMH, whatever the hell that is. Hope the message gets out before more folks are scammed

Jesus –

I have the same problem except I paid through paypal… do i have a recourse?

Nathan –

On November 12, 2020 I was suckered into buying “2020 HOT SELLING GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutter – Outdoor” on fb. Looked so real but is deceptive showing a small hand held Stihl chain saw. I used Visa credit card via PayPal to pay for transaction ID 5B552623T29852024, Invoice ID c16951345512588.1.
CMH Network Technology submitted two charges to PayPal which doubled the payment amount. Visa contacted me to confirm double charges which I rejected immediately so I felt something was not right. I requested cancellation of the order via email to CMH Technology within a half hour of the transaction. To date I’ve received no invoice or communication from CMH Technology and my Visa account now shows a debit of $89.97for the item.
I googled “CMH Technology Co Ltd” and learned about the numerous deceptive scams from this outfit. With this many complaints I can’t believe there is not a filter on PayPal, facebook etc. Not sure what to do next.

Danielle –

I also got scammed for the same thing..

Alejandro –

On October 24 2020,I ordered a battery powered wood cutter saw. The pay pal transaction described it a a battery powered wood cutter saw. On November 12, 2020 I received a chain with a cloth handle on each side. The video demonstration said it was a mini handheld rechargeable chain saw and showed the demonstration of it cutting wood. I emailed the seller to the email provided to pay pal. I filed a complaint, but have had a problem with a couple other companies from china, the cost of return shipping is outrageous.
I have enclosed a picture of what I received.

Shana –

I ordered “2020 HOT SELLING GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutter – OUTDOOR PORTABLE CARBON STEEL CHAIN” on October 24, 2020 & received a manual chainsaw chain with cloth handles, and a black carrying case – not what I ordered! I would like the item I ordered or a full refund. This company is hiding behind PayPal. and I not sure where to file my complaint with the BBB.

Brandi –

I would also like to follow complaint with the BBB.. if you have that link it would be very well appreciated..

Fernando –

I ordered “2020 HOT SELLING GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutter – OUTDOOR PORTABLE CARBON STEEL CHAIN” on October 27, 2020 & received a manual chainsaw chain with cloth handles, and a black carrying case – not what I ordered! I would like the item I ordered or a full refund!

Rosie Peters – 716-992-9076

Christine –

Guess what we got scammed and not just by CMH Network.. PayPal did it to us too..

Melissa –

Como tantos outros, encomendei maquina de macarrão, e chegou uma porcaria plastica, sem utilidade. Já reclamei por email para o vendedor indicado no Pay Pal, mas ninguem responde. Alguém pode ajudar a desmascarar estes ladrões? Obrigada.

Jacob –

After reviewing all the scam over the wood cutting saw pruner that I ordered 3492 and invoice number c17997610221752.1. for $37.98 I called 13239168077 spoke with a woman there and it is recorded she gave me an email address for me to cancel the order she said she would cancel the order as soon as I sent the email The email was sent 2 minutes after I got off the phone with her then this morning I get an email telling me that my order has been shipped.. I have a right mind to sue PayPal.. because they knew this was a fraudulent company before I ever ordered The wood pruining saw.. And from all the complaints they sure didn’t tell me that it was a fraudulent company so they’re just as much as fault as the company itself.. So therefore I have canceled anything going through PayPal ever again.. next step is talking to my attorney, I had screenshots of everything that they offered to sell And what I was supposed to get in my order.. I also have a voice recording of where I spoke with the woman on the phone yesterday when I canceled the order.. Plus I have the email that I had to send her in order to get the order canceled.. if PayPal is going to allow companies to do this what good are they. Sounds like a lawsuit to me

Kayla –

If you get a class action suit going against PayPal about this I’m on board. Things have to change.
[email protected]

Gregory –

If you get any info on who of how we can sue if like to know about it.
[email protected]

Philip –

I ordered a Battery powered wood cutter. Invoice ID C15542651748516.1.Cost US$37.97.Payment via PAYPAL on 27/10/2020.Received an outdoor portable carbon steel chain.
Please sent the battery powered wood cutter.( [email protected])

Leslie –


I ordered this item through an ad Rechargeable MINI Wood Cutting lithium chainsaw.
The charge was suppose to be $39.99.
Instead I received the chainsaw chain for a total of $37.98.
Please see the PayPal charge below.

CMH Network Technology Co., Ltd.
-negative $37.98 October 18, 2020
Paid with
Chase Freedom Visa Signature
VISA Credit Card x-3257
You’ll see “PAYPAL *CMHNETWORKT” on your card statement.
Ship to
Kenyon Dice
5594 E. Railroad Ave.
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
United States
Transaction ID
Seller info
CMH Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Invoice ID
Purchase details

I was totally lead to believe that I was ordering the mini chainsaw not the chain.
I believe you owe me a chainsaw at no charge.

Kenyon Dice

Claire –

Habe ein Eletrisches Rotierendes Moppfeld gekauft für knapp 30 Euro und geliefert wurden 2 Putztücher. Auf Nachfrage teilte man mir mit, ich hätte auch nur diese bestellt. keine Rücknahme. Paypal stellt sich stur,

Sarah –

I paid for a rivet gun with screws. They sent a email with no contact information on it. The tracking information never changed. when I disputed it with papal, I still was not given any contact information for this company and then magically they CHM reported I had received it. Claim closed. This is not reputable company. I will never knowingly do business with them again.

Marco –

I ‏order 2 automatic machine mac pasta, this is what i saw in your website you send me a piece of plastic please send me what I order not a piece of plastic, it was automatically and it’s look very nice this is what I bought.
‏i don’t want this plastic please send me 2 automatically machine or bring me back my money .
it seems like you ‏think people are stupid to pay 30$ on this plastic

Jasmine –

Jennifer Green (shenlantiaodong)

Ricardo –

Bought pasta machine—what crap! Plastic, chintzy, not worth $35—return address from: Mary
10450 Pioneer blvd suite 4
Sante fe Springs CA 90670

no place to ask directions for return

Lindsay –

I bought an automatic paste making machine and they sent plastic crap. I searched for the name of the website they advertise and it didn’t seem like any complaints – “csyou” and seems right.Only after the purchase appears the indication of CMH Network Tecnology CO. I complained with Paypal and Facebook for allowing this company.
We pay a fee when we use Paypal which supposedly serves to protect us in the event of fraud. They are a fraudulent company and FB and Paypal do nothing.

Nicolas –

I am filing a case against this company to get back my $71.98 in a small claim Court in Flint, Michigan. They advertised online, an innovative weed-whacker capable of trimming hedges and small trees using steel blades. After collecting my money, they sent two rotating blades. I got back quickly with one Mr. [email protected] and Ms. Daisy (both representatives of the Company). Ms. Daisy told me that they are willing to refund $6 only to me, with a subsequent 20% discount of a purchase of their next product. What a silly response? She went on to say that she has reviewed the advertisement on their website and admitted that , “it did have some misleading problem”. I like her for her honesty and acceptance of responsiblity. Now I want my money back. She refused. I filed a complaint with Paypal since August 3, 2020. Paypal customer Service ([email protected]) asked me to file a complaint. They kept postponing their decision till late September. They came up with an additional information requirement to be obtained from my local Police or the FBI, which I did before September 23, 2020. A week ago Paypal responded, you did not supply us with a Police report, hence we deny you a refund. And that is not true. One complaint below here indicates that Paypal encourages this nonsense. I could not agree more. I have many credit cards and the usual practice from the credit card company is to ask the Seller to recall its product and refund the money. Paypal sites with the Seller. I am now writing to the Consumer Protection Agency. I will double-down by using an attorney to file the case in a small claim court and ask CMH Network Technology located in California to come to Michigan to settle the bill and pay the attorney’s fee. If any company cons you, take the matter to a Small Claim Court. Don’t bother yourself asking them to act sensibly. Because that would not happen.

Katrina –

Ich habe auch am 27.09.200 diese angebliche “Automatische Nudelmaschine “bestellt.Heute ist sie angekommen und was soll ich sagen,genau das selbe wie bei meinen Vorrednern hier,es ist eine billige Plastikhandkurbelmaschine…die aussieht wie eine Gebäckpresse…kein Wort in Deutsch auf der Verpackung.Angeblich kann man dann auch noch Würstchen mit dieser Plastikpresse selber machen…aber die Aufsetzen fehlen.Drecks laden und dann für soviel Geld…Never ever😤😠😤😠😤😠

Erika –

Ich habe eine Mini Kreissäge mit 3 Sägeblätter bestellt , bekommen habe ich
3 Sägeblätter . Für fast 30,00 € . Betrug

Beth –

Someone needs to close down this company. I ordered 2 automated pasta machines and received a cheap plastic hand held kitchen tool as pictured above. I have spent weeks trying to return this item. I have contacted Canada Post, PayPal and now I am in the process of writing Conusmer Affairs. These scams have to stop. The company acutally asked for $20 usd to return it, never mind trying to get my $60 back. So far they refuse to give me their address. The shipping address on the package is less than 5 mile from where I live. I asked to return it there and we told that this is a shipping company. Apparently they are located in China even though they advertise a Canadian factory and a 100% money back guarantee.

Carl –

I bought the automatic pasta maker as promissed in a beatifull vidio , but got useless plastic parts worth zero. Now I hope Paypell will make the refund. the next time I will not buy China products.

Brenda –

Like many others I ordered 2 automatic pasta machines and received the useless plastic noodle maker instead.
This company is nothing but a SCAM and obviously PayPal is doing nothing about them.
Certainly NO money back guarantee as per site advert. nor PayPal.
DO NOT touch this company.

Jenna –

This is the info for the CMH Network Technology co ltd
Web page:
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 1-323-916-8199

Marco –

Same as a few ordered a pasta maker and got a cheep plastic head held dough thing… This is the sight i ordered from but the payment on pay pal says CMH Network Technology co ink

This is BS

Calvin –

I see there are a couple of us that paid 40usd for a cheap peice of plastic that was supposed to be an electric pasta maker. I’ve been trying to get reimbursed for a while now, but not even PayPal is doing anything about this. I like if there are this many complaints then PayPal should get involved.

Janet –

j’ai commandé une machine à pâtes électrique et j’ai reçu un gadget en plastique qui n’a aucune valeur ni utilité pour 31.17 €

Rafael –

Ordered a pasta machine on 21/9/20. What arrived was a cheap plastic dough syringe for making shapes not at all what was advertised. I am taking this up through paypal disputes. Do not use this company – its a scam

Aimee –

We ordered an automatic pasta making machine and waited a very long time for it to arrive which it eventually did this morning and it is not as advertised. Instead it is a cheap plastic gadget (with a dirt mark on it to add to the insult). This is obviously a scam operation. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. We will contact PayPal.

Jake –

I ordered a trampoline in May from this company. Their website stated they could ship in 5-7 days when everyone else was sold out. After 10 days without a shipping confirmation, I cancelled the order and found it from someone that could ship on time. They had already charged my account. They refused to refund my money, even suggested that I go ahead and wait for their trampoline and give it as a gift. In August, I filed a complaint with PayPal. They issued a FedEx shipping number for PayPal but the item was not ready to ship. I have repeatedly cancelled the order since May. Now they are telling me that they will only refund 20% of my order because they did not issue a return authorization to me. I have NEVER received anything. The item is supposed to be in transit. They are criminals.

Edwin –

Ordered automatic pasta making machine, got a cheap piece of crap, all print is in Japanese. NOT what I ordered! Started dispute with PayPal. Now the waiting game begins again… it sucks that so many of us got scammed like this.

Derrick –

I ordered 2 x electronic pasta makers and received 2 handheld plastic tools. False advertising!

Aaron –

Ordered a pasta machine advertisement was what I bought but when it came in it was a plastic hand one and the instructions are in Japanese I can even use it. This company should be ashamed of themselves very mad and disappointed

Kristy –

I ordered the pastamaker. After I sent the order I actually found some bad complaints about them, so I sent an email straight away, in which I cancelled the order. They answered, and tried to convince me in several emails not to cancel it. I always answered, that I would CANCEL it, and asked not to send it. Of course they did send it, and wrote that I should see, how amazing the machine is. I told them, that I do not want this item. One day a package arrived, and I’ve mistaken it, because it was from a German sender, it was small, I thought it was something else, so I signed for it. Well, it was just a plastic item, the machine is nowhere. I actually complained twice to Paypal about them. They refused to help me. The item can not be sent back, because they put a depot on the package, fake sender, and even DHL can’t say, who sent it…

Brendan –

I have just received my pasta machine. Very little mechanics about it. The ad on the Internet clearly shows an automatic electric machine with a video of it working. I have received a hand crank piece of plastic. It is terrible and was an early Christmas present for my daughter. I am absolutely apoplectic with rage.

Daisy –

ordered a electric rotating mop. Received a pkg No paper work included & it was just the pads itself. No return etc.
This co. is a total ripoff & I can’t understand why Paypal would stand behind a co. like this!

Kenneth –

Anbei noch Bilder der Lieferung zu der Rechg. Nr. c13968190701622.1 ,Lieferadresse Zeitler Julia, Zur Erlalohe 5, 95028.

Peter –

This company used False Advertising:

I ordered an electronic pasta machine, but received a plastic hand crank tool for $35.00. I have filed a petition with PayPal to retrieve a full refund. False Advertising meets PayPal’s criteria for requesting refunds.

Levi –

Same happened to me. I can’t believe, coz I actually canceled the order, way before they posted this crap. And as they did not want to accept my cancelation, I reported them twice to Paypal, but Paypal protected THEM. I reported them third time now 🙁

Danielle –

I have just received my electronic pasta machine, paid $50 with PayPal and received the same a cheap plastic tool! Have you had any joy with PayPal?

Sierra –

Your reply

Joseph –

I ordered and paid $251.10 for a 12′ Trampoline. A 5′ little kids trampoline was sent. I have been in contact with the seller and the last offer was $100 refund. I have put in a dispute with PayPal the seller respond to PayPal was they sent the right one. I have went forward with my dispute.

Michele –

I ordered and paid $251.10 for a 12′ Trampoline. A 5′ little kids trampoline was sent

Tonya –

I recently ordered the magic ultrasonic folding laundry tub and what I received for $24.99 was a plastic folding bowl, that’s it! The product was nothing at all like the product that was advertised. It was a complete rip off. Their advertising is completely false. I would not trust this company.

Deanna –

I ordered a round pressure washer attachment to wash driveways and other areas for $79. I received a 12” long connection with a nozzle to spray surfaces. Not what was advertised.

Sheila –

After seeing an attractive ad online, I ordered sandals for $38.98 and received them after waiting 52 days. They are flimsy, with cheap sponge soles, uncomfortable stitching under the toe area on the soles, and uneven straps. No brand name on them. I paid through PayPal. Would not buy from them again.

Andres –

Ordered a power hose on 4/23/20 for $35.98. As of 7/9/20 have not received it and have no way to contact the seller. The CMH network Technology that I contacted said they do not sell this item. I do believe I have been scammed. The add for this product is still being shown on the internet. I paid for this through Pay Pal thinking that if it was listed with pay pal it would be a legitimate company.

Bruce –

Victim Location 28451

Total money lost $46.61

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered LED light switch covers from this company through Facebook advertising. I have never received the merchandise and am out $46.61. I paid through PayPal. Buyer beware apparently PayPal is aware of the issue with this company.

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