Crogreat Scam or Legit? Check Crogreat Reviews below.
Jeremiah – Mar 02, 2021

Bought a toy dog which promised 20 actions , this arrived looking like the cheapest toy ever though they charged £26.68p. Video of said dog made it look realistic ( yes it was probably a real dog ). They promise it arrives in nice packaging it was squeezed into a box which barley fitted it. I wanted a refund . They promise 100% no question refund with free returns . Big joke ! They offered me 5% and I would have to pay 20USD to return. After numerous e mails they said their final offer was 40% refund but I still had to pay postage , at this point I ceased correspondence they are a scam company with rubbish goods

Ruben – Feb 14, 2021

The order was received soaking wet and I cannot use it. I demand a full refund! Plus – they ask for a good google review! What a joke!

Jillian – Feb 03, 2021

Bought two cockoo clocks for 46.99 each…shown the the picture of what was to be bought was sent a small clock that was plastic, partial board and stickers…

Neil – Jan 31, 2021

The object does not respect the description and I do not like it. I send it to you. confirm me the address for the shipment.
Vittorio Zanibelli

Jodi – Jan 15, 2021

I ordered a white wolf head with blue glowing eyes that cost about £40 and was sent a horrible quality Halloween mask in brown. I also ordered a cat lamp that broke within a week. I was offered a 10% refund and to keep the stuff! I replied that I do not want the stuff and the small refund is not acceptable. I am still waiting for another response…

Todd – Jan 14, 2021

The minute I got this out of the box and knew it was a piece of crap it looks nothing like what they advertised I feel like I got to scam I want a refund I want my money back

Gina – Jan 08, 2021

We ordered a cokoo clock with moving parts we got a clock about 5 inches big with stickers on it no moving parts no sound what a piece of junk total scam I will tell everyone I know about this website buyer beware

Natalie – Jan 04, 2021

Very poor Quality and not what you showed in picture yo showed larger Product and all I got was a Truck and dozer the size of my hand and broke at that I would like to have my money refunded for all 4 I ordered thank you or the larger ones u showed in your ad Debbie Cripe

Bradley – Dec 13, 2020

Hello… if anybody has the address to send back this cheap [censored] telescope, please let me know ? I want a refund !

Holly – Dec 25, 2020

Me to–unfortunately you wont know about this company till you have been ripped off, then its too late…I saw an ad for a great looking music key board for $49. claiming their company was moving to California and was discounting THEIR INVETORY, I ordered the keyboard 61 key, which is a pretty good size key board, it came today and it was a $14.99 toy the keys was too small for any fingers to play except a small child, a toy, after I ordered,- the price on the popup went up to $69.unless you’ve been scammed you wont ever know or hear from these people and it took me a month to receive it, they are a group of Chinese/foreign people doing this, I know from these complaints that they are not refunding my money or any one else, thieves don’t return stolen money

Jacquelyn – Dec 13, 2020

Not a happy customer, want a refund !? looks big in size on the web. when i recieved it.. it was a a small telescope… false advertisement.

Carly – Dec 12, 2020

Order two remote trucks and they are junk. the ad show them lifting snow and dirt but they do not. very cheap build. They really miss lead you to believe that they operate the bucket for the front loader but it don’t. They also make you think that they are larger then what they are. They show them bigger but they are not what they show and much smaller. It is a big scam and very poor quality too. wish I would of know of this site before I purchase this junk!

Teresa – Dec 05, 2020

Ordered a RCA’s toy bulldozer what arrived was of very poor quality and not what was ordered

Allen – Dec 04, 2020

I perchased an item thinking I was getting a advent calander it arrived today just a box of crystals so false avertising

Christine – Nov 19, 2020

I just received this and the monocular doesn’t work even work. I know how to work these types of things but this doesn’t focus , let alone do what was advertised. Very very disappointing and fraudulent. I want my money BACK

Douglas – Nov 09, 2020

The telescope was not as advertised on tv and i want a refund immediately, Need an address where i can return the telescope. This was to be a christmas present and now i have had to purchase another item to replace the telescope. This company has taken advantage of me and i want a refund immediately.

Clinton – Nov 07, 2020

I too am a victim of the scam. Offer to return 20% then 40%…
It’s a joke and PayPal are at fault for allowing this company to use them as a platform. They are just as guilty. There was a delay in the item arriving, and when it did I was shocked. Nothing like the advertised telescope.

Carlos – Nov 02, 2020

The items I ordered from Cherrygates order #200830003629819 are totally unexceptable and I would like to be refunded for this order. The items where mislead in size and quality. Please contact me at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you

Travis – Oct 26, 2020


Susan – Oct 22, 2020

Got this piece of crap telescope today. Immediately emailed them at the email address they provided on a business card, which was [email protected], and the email was bounced back to me as no record found for that email address. Has anyone been able to contact them by email? I want my money back. Just another chinese ripoff.

Samantha – Oct 02, 2020

I am another fish in that barrell. ordered a telescope and got junk. same problems with return. wish i would of checked here first. 2 months for delivery. buyer beware

Erin –

I just received my Telescope from Crogreat! It is a piece of junk! Not worth $5 bucle much less $49.00! I have requested a refund and will post again after I see if I get a refund or not! The advertisement was a complete LIE, Exaggeration big time! You should see the trip-pod. It’s so rediculous it’s almost worth keeping just to show my friends and get a good chuckle.

Brandy –

They are crook they send me a scrap mask and they offert me 10% after 50 % and now 80% discounts but i dont accept because is scrap and i advice Paypal to never send money to this company

Tristan –

I ordered the telescope with variable adjustments, power and range. It took almost a month to get here. It really wasn’t that poorly made, but it was basically worthless. I tried several times over a period of several days to get it to ZOOM and FOCUS and it did neither. I never did get a clear picture through it. I’m not going to try to get a refund, probably be a waste of time. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS.


Cara –

Me too. I ordered the “4K 10-300X40mm Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope”. What I received is a about a maximum 10x. Not at all like what they advertise. Wish I would have had their name before ordering so I could have found this site.

Mathew –

Ordered the telescope and got a piece of junk. Filed a complaint to them and they offered a refund of 15%. Several emails later it ended up with 40% and I actually got the money on my account today which I really didnt Think would happen. Learning Money I guess, next time I will check the company before ordering

Darrell –

Ordered a gardening stool, received two foam pads and 2 storage bags , NO METAL FRAME so basically useless. Obvious scammers and should be stopped.

Donna –

I guess I am not the only one cheated. I ordered the 10-300X zoom telescope and they shipped a regular monocular one and all they can offer is 10% refund and no talk of shipping what I ordered. They will, maybe, refund my money if I pay $20 and ship it back. Total scam. Stay away from these guys.

Angela –

I ordered the “4K 10-300X40mm Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope”. What I received bears absolutely no resemblance or capability for the ordered item. What a con! I hope you and your families contract COVID-19…

Anthony –

I am another sucker that saw their advertisement for the 4K telescope. They sent me a total piece of junk that doesn’t even resemble the product. Bought from Orthwin, billed by crogreat. Noticing online that they use lots of bogus names. They are even scamming on Amazon.

Kaitlin –

I ordered “License Plate Solar Wireless Camera” but was sent a wired non-solar plate that is useless to me plus it is of inferior quality. I therefore requested a return and full refund. After multiple emails, their best offer was 25% discount and they did not give me a return address. Total SCAM!

Nichole –

They shipped me a face mask that was defective the plastic was warped therefore you could not see through it. Do this scam company what’s me yo pay $20.00 to send it back and the mask cost me $19.00 so if I send it back I would owe them a $1.00 Let me repeat if I return this garbage Mask They would not return my money but I would owe them a dollar. They ship out inferior products! put in despite’s with you credit card company. They have many different names and are advertising on Facebook ads are professional BEWARE!

Jon –

Scammer’s email CROGREAT.COM

Country China

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

Paid $36,88 for a 4x 10-300x 40 mm super zoom telescope.Tryed to cancel 5 minutes after ordering seller ignored request took my payment from my PayPal account.Ordered on 8/9/2020 item item arrived 29 days later.Opened box seller sent a cheap 40x telescope.Notifed PayPal of the scam

Tabitha –

I ordered 4K 10-300×40 from Abdserry company about $50, but after 4 weeks I received monopoly telescope 40×60. The label on the box shows “can contact Crogreat for a problem or refund”. I asked them for refund, but they offer me 10% refund only.
Buyer Beware !

Trevor –

I ordered the “4K 10-300X40mm Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope”. What I received bears absolutely no resemblance or capability for the ordered item. What a con…buyer beware!

Cara –

Bunch of Thieves spending everyday I can sending them emails wishing them death and disease on their children. Having a lovely time. will never get my money back so may as well have fun one wish I could stick the telescope they sent me up their mother’s c*** in fact that’s so good I think I’m going to send them an email now

Marissa –

Ordered a 300x zoom telescope and paid £50. Received a 60x fixed Telescope. This was from a company called Owthin but the card that came with it said report problems to Crogreat and not to contact Paypal. I have escalated to PayPal. The pictures show what I ordered and what I received which costs £6.99 on Amazon.

Paul –

They sent the wrong size and all I wanted was an exchange from a small to a medium. I was told I would receive a 10% refund and to give the product to someone else as a gift. Beware these people.

Leah –

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Not applicable

ordered armrestcushion support for my was supposed to have a long piece to put between seats only got this flimsy sticky pad to stick to my seat also the size for childs arm not anything like the addvertisment.Very cheap I paid them 45.00 for this crap.also no return stuff.or even a real name.will call paypal and see if there is any recourse.not even a receipt. so mistiruse.

Ashlee –

Well just like everyone else I’m very unhappy.Purchased an armrest cushion for my car so I could have a place to rest my right arm when driving it was to squeeze between my two front seat instead they sent me a sticky pad to stick on my seat. the thing looks like it was made for a child.I paid45.00 thru pay pall and waited over three weeks to get this piece of garbage. This company is a total RIP of .DON’T buy any of there junk.EVER.THere commercials look great but the item you get is nothing like what they say your getting.

Nancy –

Ordered a Garden Kneeler—only received a foam rubber pad. Many others experienced the same thing.

Melissa –

Ordered truck box, looks nothing like the picture. Not leather , no latches. Has pleather sides that don’t attach with Velcro. Total scammers. Buyer Beware ! Being reported

Eduardo –

Bought a telescope for $67. They sent me a broken plastic piece of junk. Never buy from them. They also go by different
Names to hide from their bad reviews.

Rodney –

took my money sent me stuff with no instuctions i would like instruction for refund.

Amelia –

Ordered a rocking camp chair for total price of $ 85.00+ and got a cheap little chair not even worth $10. They won’t give money back and want me to ship it back at my expense. What a huge ripoff.

Walter –

I ordered a storage case for car, it arrived nothing like Facebook video and it does not fit together the parts are wrong – I sent many mails and photos and get same apologies I am not satisfied it will cost me 20 USD to send it back we can offer you a refund of 10% went up to 15% – the thing is totally useless I want my money back ! I am not going to get it ! AVOID these people – the pay pal recipient was Mr TIM

Renee –

Bough leather bag for motorcycle for 40.00 and 3 weeks later I received a vinyl bag that half size and could be bought on eBay new for 19.85. Can’t get help anyway I try. Crogreat wants to get be me 15% discount! Not acceptable.

Jermaine –

Victim Location 61065

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was playing a game on my phone and a ad came up. It was a portable chair " FOR AN ADULT", that was not only sturdy, but was able to swing / rock comfortably. What I received was a childs folding/camping chair that barely held the child comfortably.

I paid over $70 for this, and they sent me a fake website e-mail for my return/complaint.

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  1. My mother in law purchased the dog planter for me as a gift. I received the wrong dog planter. Contacted cogreat and they only offered 10% refund. Emailed them again, and told them I did not want the wrong dog planter. The company told me if I wanted a refund I would have to send the incorrect item back to china at my cost. When I emailed them again, I said I will not pay for their mistake. They offered 20% off, again, unacceptable. I should get the correct item, they messed up it shouldn’t cost me a dime to fix their error. They came back with an offer at 35% refund, and I had to ship the item back again at my cost. They told me it would take 90-120 days for a refund. UNACCEPTABLE to scam the consumers like this. This company and all the other companies doing this should be shut down.

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