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Valerie – Mar 01, 2021

Have been regularly charged 14 usd plus transaction fees from them since 2019 despite changing my card twice! I have contacted my bank who wanted me to double check i hadn’t bought anything? From a nonexistent company? Most recently theyve changed to “dealpronowcom” but the same amount taken. Fraud.

Erin – Sep 08, 2020

U schrijft elke maand 8,45 euro en ik heb geen account bij u. ik wil dat dit beëindigd wordt en ik wil mijn geld terug.

Claire – Jun 23, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1-844-324-9278

Scammer’s website Exclusivity atore

Scammer’s address No address

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Not applicable

They take money from my account every month. Amount 8.95 USD. I have sent e-mails to stop or cancel the fake membership the e-mail just bounces back..I cannot afford to call USA and my bank (Greek) says they cannot do anything. I want money back and to stop this!

Julian – Jun 21, 2020

Dealeasytoday havebtaken regular payments plus transfer fees from my account since July 2019
I contacted them via phone and was told I would receive a full refund of $119
I received £7
I phoned them again and was told I would get £80+
I then received my phone bill and it had cost me £50 in extra charges ringing dealeasy!
I have still not received refund and it’s over 2 weeks ago

Clayton – Jun 14, 2020

DealEasyToday and AbsoSavings we’re charging my bank $9.04 per month from Oct 2019 through March 2020. First four payments were AbsoSavings then the name changed on the next three to DealEasyToday. My bank investigated the charges and refunded me the money. Not sure how or where this scam charges began but the charges were to my wife’s debit card. I called the number associated with the charges and it was for a pay-as-you-go cell phone company in California. Nobody answered due to “high call volume”. Sure wish I knew where and how this started. Glad we got our money back.

Russell – Jun 03, 2020

u heeft nu enkele malen geld van mijn rekening afgeschreven, graag kom ik met u in contact om deze bedragen terug te storten.
2 keer per maand schrijft u geld af.

Karl – Jun 06, 2020

dealeasytoday also takes 8.95 a month and I don’t know what it’s for. I really don’t know how they got my imformation but I hoped I would no long see any charges to my account.
I will be waiting for an urgent answer as soon as possible cause I did not buy anything from this site. My mail is [email protected]

Eddie – May 27, 2020

dealeasytoday also takes 8.95 a month and I don’t know what it’s for. So i called and got someone at 1-844-688-5604 at the moment she is checking my account then disconnected call right back experiancing tecnical diffaculties, finally it’s a web site that you jion that your supposed to get dealsm up to 50% off i cancelled of course and staded I’m not sure how they got my imformation but I hoped I would no loneg see any charges to my account

Krystal – May 22, 2020

Deal easy today take $14.81 out of my account at least twice a month. I have no idea who these ppl are. Will have to get in touch with bank. And if I have to cancel debit card.

Lee – May 19, 2020

I have been
charged a similar amount from January 2020 by DealEasyToday 844-688…I do not know what these charges are for as I have not ordered anything from that company…how do I get the charges to stop?

Tina – May 17, 2020

Ive been charged 4 times by deal easy today. 8.95. How do I get back? Who the hell is it? This is a scam. Needs to be stopped.

Krystal – May 15, 2020

I just took notice to this charge. It looks like it started in January. But looked back at 2019 and I was being charged the 8.95 a month from the Coffeeshop. So you all might want to check farther back.

Gina – May 15, 2020

tengo cargos por esta misma causa hace varios meses x 8.95 usd, y de que se trata?, nunca recibo nada, y el banco no me da detalles. que hago?

Shana – May 14, 2020

Keep getting $8.95 charge on my bank account.dont know what is for.would like it stopped

Benjamin – May 13, 2020

Dear Easy Today has charged my Visa $8.95 once a month since January 2020. Payment on my Visa in the amount of $8.95 was charged on 1/5/2019…2/4/20…
3/3/20…4/4/20 and recently on 5/4/20 again. I have no idea of what the charges
are for and haven’t received any products/anything during these months. No matter when I call I get a recording saying to call back during business hours and then I am disconnected! The total I have been charged is $44.75!

Timothy – May 07, 2020

Keep getting $8.95 charge on my bank account.dont know what is for.would like it stopped

Paula – Apr 30, 2020

They took a small amount each month over four months totalling to around £27. I rang my bank yesterday and the full amount has been refunded, I’m hoping that will be the last of it and they won’t take anymore, whoever they are! If you see this name on your bank statement, ring your bank!

Victor – Apr 25, 2020

I never signed up for this and I demand that this charge of $8.95 be refunded immediately and cancel this account. I am reporting this to BBB. Stop scamming people get a real job like normal and legit people do. You are a thief and cheating people. Reporting you to my bank.

Erica – May 04, 2020

This is a forum.

Arthur – Apr 24, 2020

Starting in January 2020, once or twice a month my debit card has been charged to Deal Easy Today for $8.95. I have never knowing subscribed to them nor have I hear of them until I noticed the charges. Upon researching them I can find no consistency on what they are at all.

Latasha – Apr 06, 2020

Victim Location 70031

Total money lost $35.80

Type of a scam Other

DealEasyToday withdraws $8.95 a month from my checking since February. I can’t reach anyone to cancel it or find out what I’ve been paying for. I haven’t received any product/anything during these month. When I call it says call back during regular busy hours and disconnects.

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