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Charlotte – Mar 02, 2021

We almost got scammed by this same person. They posted an ad on Gumtree for a golden retriever puppy for $1700. After many conversations, they sent us a message saying that they will deliver it to us, as they wanted the puppy to go to a good home. We agreed to a date, and then they sent a letter saying they wanted to send the puppy by courier. They asked for a deposit. They were writing in broken English and we were getting suspicious, so we searched up their details and found this site and realized it was a scam. Luckily, we did not lose any money.

Here are their emails and details:
[email protected]
Nicole Smith
Whatsapp number: +1 (872) 205-6695

Rosa – Jun 15, 2020

Victim Location 43056

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We thought we were purchasing a puppy from Express Pet Rescue supposedly out of Chicago. Our contact was exclusively through Facebook Messenger, since that is where I saw the puppy advertised. I asked the woman her name and she told me Smith. Many times through the numerous messages, it was difficult to understand what she was saying. It seemed she had some broken English issues.

The deal was $600.00 delivered, delivery included in that price, with a ‘refundable’ deposit of $300.00. We paid the deposit of $300.00 through CASHAPP only to find it went to a Martez Hall. I spoke with the "breeder" (Smith/Martez Hall) on 6/13/2020 when she indicated the puppy had been sent to an airport to be transported to me that morning. Shortly thereafter I received a message from her to check my email because there was a problem with the crate she had sent the puppy in. I received an email from Atlantic Express stating that the crate had to be upgraded in order for the puppy to be safely sent to me at a minimum cost of $750.00 going up to $1200.00. It said they would only accept payment through ZELLE. Pet Express kept messaging me to hurry and send the funds so that the plane could leave with the puppy to be delivered to me and that the $750.00 was 100% refundable. The email from Atlantic Express also stated that the money was 100% refundable to us when the puppy was delivered. We started to get skeptical at this point. She (Smith/Martez Hall) kept assurring me that it was refundable and telling me to hurry with the transfer of funds because the plane was waiting to load the puppy. Then I got a phone call from Atlantic Express from a man with a strong accent which made it very difficult to understand him. What we could gather was that he was trying to assure us that the upgraded crate was a necessity for the safety of the puppy and that it was completely refundable. We downloaded ZELLE to our phone and tried to send $750.00, hoping it was truly going to be refunded. Our bank would not allow us to transfer any funds to the ZELLE account.We tried to call the phone number on the email from Atlantic Express and it was invalid. We started getting requests for funds from a Sandra Keen through CASHAPP. We had no idea who she was. When I questioned it with Express Pet she said it was the lady who is in charge of the actual crates and to hurry and transfer the funds. We tried, but our bank kept rejecting it. We received several calls from Atlantic Express, James Hawkins, from a different phone number than the one on the email he sent us, strongly suggesting we send the funds ASAP. My husband asked if he would take a credit card and he refused it. He told us to cancel all the CASHAPP and ZELLE accounts and then reopen them and try to send the funds again. He said he would call back in a few minutes to see if we had completed the transfer. He never called back. Then Express Pet told me to send it to her through the CASHAPP we had sent the deposit through the previous day, and that she would get it to the shipping company. This didn’t seem right to us. We tried to get her to just send it from her account since it was suppose to be refundable and it was her responsibility to deliver the puppy in the first place. This idea she completely rejected over and over. Her reason was that the puppy was now in our name and we were responsible for all expenses now. I asked her to show me the paperwork, since we had not seen any nor did we sign any. I also asked for a picture of the puppy at the airport. She rejected this. We then got a fund request from a "Esegemu Alain" for $350. When I questioned her on who that was she said it was another of her accounts since the other original account was working now. At this point we told her to cancel our order and return the $300 refundable deposit. She kept messaging me to just send the funds that the delay wasn’t good for the puppy. Over and over I told her we would not be sending anymore money until we received the puppy and then we would pay the remainder of the $300.00 we had originally contracted.It was her responsibility to deliver the puppy, with whatever method she used, and that if there was an additional cost, she should pay it. She would not accept this answer and continued to message me to send the funds for the welfare of the puppy. She got very aggressive at this point and kept trying to guilt me into sending the funds. Several times I stated that we were cancelling our order for the puppy and that we wanted the refundable deposit returned to us.She refused saying that we breached the contract, which we didn’t. We paid the deposit, it was her her responsibility to deliver the puppy and she did not do that. At this point we had literally been going back and forth for six hours!!! What condition would the puppy be in, if there was one, at this point. There were so many different names and phone numbers that nothing added up. It is obvious that we were scammed out the $300 and there was an attempt to scam us for more, up to $1200.00. I have received messages from Express Pet again on Sunday morning, 6/14. I responded that we would like to receive our refundable deposit. She continued to argue and try to guilt us into sending the shipping money. Again today, 6/15/2020, she tried to make contact. I am out $300, I have no puppy and not enough funds let to purchase another one. She still has the puppy I was to purchase as well as many others listed on her Facebook account.

Below are the names, addresses and phone numbers given to us throughout this process hoping that it will help someone else from going through this: Express Pet Rescue, 315 N. Randall Road, Elgin, IL 60123

Breeder name : Smith

CASHAPP names : $Designerjk0, Sandra Keen Martez Hall, Alain Esegemu, 1-872-205-6695, Atlantic Express Services,  and Atlantic Express Delivery Agency

Tracking # SNDHDDJDFDFHF736, 1-504-484-9176, 1-816-379-6483, Anthony, [email protected], James Hawkins

Alexander – Jul 17, 2020

I almsot fell for the same scam. It seemed wierd that the FB comments were not viewable and the website would not come up for me when I searched it. Then some of the small details like number of available pugs from the litter changed within conversation, as well as the pictires of the pups are mot consistent and are obviously very different pups. Sad. But glad I didnt send any money. So no loss except excitement and hope.

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