George Snow

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Jake – Jan 14, 2021

Wrong person this is George Snow was never there did no job for you

Jillian – Mar 05, 2020

Victim Location 28086

Total money lost $3,700

Type of a scam Home Improvement

On 3/3/2020 James Thompson Jr the owner of GutterGuys Co. Inc located at 310 N Piedmont Ave in Kings Mountain was approached by Kevin and George Snow with a proposal to pave the back parking lot of GutterGuys shop. James was reluctant at first because it was odd to be randomly approach for a last minute job as well as he mentioned it was raining quite a bit that day and thought paving could not be done. The two brother reassured him that the rain was actually helpful in cooling off the pavement and not to worry. James agreed to the amount of $8,000.00 and initially gave the two brothers $3,700.00 up front to being the job. Around 4:30 on 3/3/2020 George Snow came in to the office demanding cash for the remainder of the job . The original agreement was to allow James to look at the progress of the work after the 1st layer was applied and measure to see they were pouring a correct thickness of asphalt on the agreed upon job. The 2 brothers did not hold up to this part of the deal and moved forward finishing the job without allowing the owner to 1st inspect. Hesitant to pay because he was not allowed to check the quality of work along with their demeanor demanding to be paid immediately and with cash James explained that he could provide a check only. George Snow began raising his voice and was very intimidating. I ( Accounts Payable) asked him did he want a check or not. He replied yes. To try and deescalate the situation I explained I needed him to fill out a W-9 and then I would add him to the system , Print him a check and bring it outside to him momentarily. He left the building immediately. At this point his brother Kevin entered. James again explained a check was the only form of payment he could provide. We moved forward with issuing them a check for the remainder owed of $ 4,300.00.

The whole ordeal seemed odd which motivated James to do some research of his own. This is when he came across article after article of Pavers Scamming the Elderly from all over the USA. One particular article had mug shot pictures of the gentleman because the were arrested for scamming $22,000.00 from on elderly man by drugging him with narcotics after doing a paving job for him . Another article reported that Kevin Snow was under his parole to never do Paving business again.

The name the 2 brothers provided on the W-9 to us is a fictitious name and social security number.

They provided Jacob Elliott of 6731 Cambridge Park Dr , Apollo Beach , Florida, 33072 and the Social given was 007-88-2117.

After finding this information out as well as investigating the quality of the job done under raining conditions we stopped payment on the check.

The 2 brothers tried to cash the check around 9:30 am 3/4/2020 at the Alliance Bank in Shelby NC. I received a call asking if it was OK to cash this check and I responded a stop payment had been issued. The gentleman called the office and I stated they need to speak to James the owners and that they were not allowed back on our property or the police would be called out.

As a local business owner James feels it is his due diligence to report this so that others in North Carolina can be warned about the 2 brothers going around trying to scam people again in an effort to keep others from being scammed by these individuals.

We have a picture of the receipt as well as mug shots of the to alleged scammers however this sight only allows us to upload on item.

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