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Emily – Jan 24, 2021

We purchased a 10 wk old cocker spaniel puppy from cockerspanielpupshome for $900 then we were asked to pay $1490 to ship her out of state paid that then they wanted $1600 to rent an air conditioned crate cause first one was rejected! I drew the line there realizing there was no puppy to begin with! We are out $2400 with no puppy! Something needs to he done! Very well played it was, believable & exquisite website, learned a valuable lesson YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYONE!
Donald & Nicole Nichols

Douglas – Jan 14, 2021

Beware of [email protected] and they are one in the same. I am making it my mission to shut them down.

Cory – Jan 10, 2021

January 10, 2021Scam Alert! Beware if you’re looking for an Australian Shepherd puppy:
Fake puppies, fake bill of sale, fake AKC registration, fake flight tracking number, fake link to “Global Air County”.
Contact info is probably fake too but here it is:
Skylar Burgess
544 Huff St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046 +1(404)900-2239
He is a scammer as well as is Global Air County.
I’m out $450 – half a payment for an Aussie puppy named Harper. He originally asked for a vanilla Visa card – what!?!?! Received a call from “customer service” at “Global Air County” and an e-mail stating they needed $1,490 for insurance to ship puppy. I didn’t pay it as I was well aware this was all fake. BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMER! DON’T BE FOOLED INTO THINKING YOU’RE GETTING A PUPPY BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT! IS A FAKE FAKE FAKE site! [email protected] is fake too! Let’s report and stop these [censored]!

Craig – Feb 11, 2021

That address doesn’t look like anyplace that breeds dogs!
It is listed as owned by:


From Gwinnett county real property records, FYI

BTW, Betty Rubble isn’t a name that makes me feel you are legit either, but I have a sense of humor!

Dominic – Dec 19, 2020

I paid $900 for a cocker spaniel , he never mentioned anything about a $1,490 until I spent the $900 . Micheal Heiser from Cocker Spaniel Pups Home

Armando – Dec 10, 2020

It first started with the owner lying about who she was and lives. I paid her $800 for a cocker spaniel and $100 for a flight. The first day the dog was to be shipped Global Air County said they couldn’t send her with an insurance policy costing $1400 that would be refunded. I paid it. Then, the next day the crate didn’t meet code because it had no air conditioning. That would be a refundable $1400 and I paid it. Then, they needed $900 for the dog being in quarantine for four days. I paid it. They just said the dog was in the air and then sent me an email saying she needed a vaccine. I want to get with all the people this has happened to no file a fraud and civil suit. I’m also going to contact every news station that will list to me to spread the word to all whom will listen. This has to stop!

Dana – Jan 30, 2021

The same thing just happened to me the site looked legit but Ik something was wrong when they were asking for pet insurance to send the puppy did you get you’re money back

Leslie – Dec 26, 2020

Hi, the same just happened to me. Can you please tell me if you return your money back?

Robyn – Nov 27, 2020

They are a scam based shipping company that is used by a scam based dog breeder named Jackson Bassett. They use time and peoples desires to receive a puppy from them. They tell you that due to covid -19 there is a need to take out flight insurance or the puppy you have paid for, can not ship and will be held in quarantine for up to 2 months .You don’t want that to happen to your puppy you paid for and they give you little time to do because the flight is leaving soon. Then after they receive that payment they tell you your puppy is reading for shipping and send you a fake manifest that you think is real. When you feel the pup is on the way they contact you and you are informed that the breeder dropped the dog in a un approved crate and you will either have to rent or buy one. So now you have the cost of the pup, insurance and you don’t want to not receive your pup. All the while the breeder is assuring you that they have talked to the shipper and all these changes are due to covid -19 and everything will be alright. So you rent shipping crate. After that I called the airport and asked if they fly into that airport to be told no. They then contact you again and say your pup is on the plane and they are sending you a revised manifest. That’s when I confronted them and said the airport said they don’t have any airline with that name using that airport. Then tried to say they do and your pup is on the way. When I said the internet said the company was a scam, they hung up on me. Now the calls go to voice mail. So I’m out $800 for the pup $250 for shipping $1500 for insurance. $1000 for the rental of the airconditioned shipping crate. $3550 total. The breeder is Jackson Bassett. They work together to gain your confidence. I feel like the fool I am

Rafael – Jan 14, 2021

I was just scammed by the same people. Jackson Basset and their so called shipping Company Globalcountyair. They are on tin the same. I lost $2100 USD. I have reported them to 2 government sites, Better Business and to Western Union so I can stop them form receiving money.

Brian – Dec 16, 2020

Did you even get anymore info? This just happened to myself

Jorge – Nov 25, 2020

yup just got scam from 900 for the pup and 150 for shipping. the next day i got a call from this number 413-271-5288 saying i need to check my email because the shipping company ( said need insurance for 1400 and will refund as soon as when the puppy lands in its destination. long story short its all a scam lost 1050 in the process

Arthur – Oct 28, 2020

My husband and I were looking for a Boxer puppy for our children. we found one on we paid $800.00 through zelle (BTW never send money though zelle you will never get your money back). My puppy was supposed to be here yesterday at 5pm. at 4:30pm i got a email stating i needed to pay for insurance, I got a phone call a text confirmation and a email. I googled is global air county a scam and i found out other people were going through the same as I was. They wanted me to pay $1500 i told them no… I never heard back from the seller.

Tasha – Oct 20, 2020

I just realized it was a scam. I’m out 2500 cause I fell for it. 800 for a border collie puppy and 175 for shipping. Then a refundable deposit for pet insurance on the flight and I paid that. Now they’re asking for an additional 2k for an air conditioned crate.

Miguel – Sep 15, 2020

Scam scam scam! I PAID $1000 for an Australian Shepherd to be sent by air to my home by and their website said that they send the puppies by Continental, United or American. Then I get an email from this company requesting $1550 for “pet insurance” because of pandemic. Needless to say they got my money and I got no puppy!

Mandy – Aug 24, 2020

Victim Location 91203

Type of a scam Online Purchase

So, my partner found this website called The website informed us that they are a family of breeders for the Havanese breed. It seemed legit–they had testimonials and quick response emails after we had inquired about a 10-week old male havanese puppy that was listed for $550 on their website. After sending back-to-back emails about me, my environment and my information, we finalized on the sale. However, it ended up being $700 in total. We thought that the extra $150 was for the puppy’s plane ticket. They said, and I quote "the $700 covers for everything including delivery, also the delivery at your door step it’s optional. It all depends on you to let us know which is preferable to you: pick up at the airport/delivery to your home address before registration is done" So, we went through with it and I texted my VERY PERSONAL DETAILS. So after that, they asked me to pay through Zelle the $700. When I was making the transaction, there were many failed attempts becuase the phone number they had wasn’t registered and the email they provided didn’t exist or was not registered, etc. It finally went through under an email "[email protected]". After one business day, an agency under the name global air county sent me a tracking number with details of the dog I had inquired about and bought. Before they could continue however, the agency told me I had to pay $1490 for pet insurance, to "ensure the safety of the dog in its travel" and that "the $1490 will be refunded to me". At that point, it was very fishy and suspicious. I contacted the seller and asked what this was and why this wasn’t told to me beforehand. And she responded saying, "I myself wasn’t aware of this until now and definitely it’s due to their new policy because of the pandemic. If I knew of this, I would’ve told you before." After she had said this, my mother and father did their own investigation on matters such as these and it seems to match up with articles of similar pet scams. I am heartbroken and have lost $700. I asked if a refund could be in order and they did not answer my question, they simply said "how much can you come up with, I will figure out the rest because if we don’t handle this payment, the puppy will be ‘quarantined’ and you know what that means". At that point, I had my answer and this is a full fledged scam that should be and MUST BE INVESTIGATED FURTHER SO THAT I MAY GET MY FUNDS BACK. IT IS MY BIRTHDAY, THIS WAS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR ME AND I AM ALREADY DEALING WITH SO MANY SOCIAL ISSUES AT THE MOMENT THAT THIS WAS THE ICING ON THE CAKE. I HAVE HAD IT AND I WANT JUSTICE TO BE ENFORCED IMMEDIATELY!

Sergio – Sep 15, 2020

Same here. Scammed. And lost $700, filed a dispute but bank said I may not get my money back once its completed and scammers cash out their account. But Bank rep told me I can file the police report and they can find out the scammers name and detailed personal info since their photo IS was used to open their account. Hope you all file the police report, because I am with the case number I got from the bank.

Andrew – Sep 15, 2020

I just got scammed myself! My 6 year old will be heartbroken when she wakes up to no puppy.

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