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Alison – Feb 17, 2021

This same thing happened to my senior father on 1/21/21. He started up his laptop and received a flashing message and a recording saying he’d been hacked and to call a “Microsoft” number. He called them and they sent him Global Cyber Infrastructure Technologies where he also dealt with Steven Ellis who spent hours walking him through “fixing” his computer and made him sign up for a $520, 3-year repair and firewall. He made my dad pay through Paypal. When I found out about this, my dad and I called Paypal and found out that Steven Ellis had set up my dad’s new Paypal account with his phone number so my dad didn’t have a password. Paypal finally sent a password reset so we could remove any of the hacker’s contact info because they could authorize any payments they wanted. We filed a dispute with Paypal and told them this was a scammer and they rejected the dispute and now my dad is still out $520. I contacted the WI department of consumer protection. If this happens to you or a loved one, please file disputes and claims so they can see this Global Cyber Infrastructure technologies is NOT a legitimate business.

Aaron – Dec 06, 2020

My experience was almost identical to the one above listed as Victim 76112 but happened on November 24th and I called the number on my screen and spoke to Jenna who said the problem was to do with Microsoft and she would transfer me to a Steve Ellis who would help me out. It took several hours to correct and they had me set up PayPal and pay them through that. I am so upset I fell for this as I am now out $499.99 which as a senior on a fixed income cannot afford. It was so important for me to get my computer up and running as my husband has Dementia and there are lots of programs on Zoom that he participates in. Is there anything that can be done to get my money back? Do I need to take my computer into a computer store to be checked and spend more money that I can I’ll afford. I also have to be with my husband 24/7 and have no one I can leave him with and do not want to take him into any store during COVID-19.

Anthony – Sep 17, 2020

Victim Location 76112

Total money lost $249.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

On Sept 11 was online searching for Home Depot official website received a popup alert that had a virus and unsecure data need to call Microsoft at 855 number and do not delete the screen or turn off computer. Screen was frozen could not delete although i tried the popup screen which was a full screen. I was frantic and scared called the number. I asked several times if they were microsoft and they said yes. The initial rep spoke with was Jenna Michaels talked with her 20 mins. Rep very convincing they were Micosoft said they could fix repair for 299.99 1 yr., 399.99 and 599.99 for other years option coverage.

Jenna spoke with a dialect from India, was very convincing. Remote access provided and scanned for virus and asked for zip code to transfer me to Steven Ellis he sounded as if from India. My gut was telling me something wasn’t right but process had started. In front of computer 2.5-3 hrs. Once complete Steven wanted to send invoice for payment. Steven said the invoice will have Global Cyber Infrastrucure Technologies on it. The invoice was prepared by STRIPE. Regular price was 299.99 told them i was a senior and charged 249.99. So I am ashamed i fell for the scam. I am afraid to use my computer. I have taken it to a local shop to be checked for virus and other issues. It will be at the shop at least a week. Please help and let me know of any other actions needed.

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